Monday, February 14, 2011

He'll Be Back
He was here today after I picked him up at the Industrial Estate where he took his car back because he was not happy with the job they did on the new water pump.

He seemed scattered and I could not get much out of him about his new share house except that there is a 21 year old girl called Chantelle there (with a boyfriend elsewhere)  and some blokes who do drugs.  He is straight so he is not going to fit in there and while he was here the estate agent phoned him saying that there was a complaint against him which was obviously fabricated because he (S suspects who) has been accused with drug dealing.  It seems someone wants him out of the place.  I told him that he had better leave (and come back here if necessary) rather than end up in trouble.  It never ends.

He went back home to talk about it. 

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