Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Doped up on Pain Killers with S moving to Maud Street and No2 family off to Wentworth

Well yes, I gave myself a double migraine moving an inner spring cot mattress into the car to see if it would fit. Still working on my mobile bed you see. It is nearly cool enough to hang about in a car again. I've just got to get the lying down part more comfortable. Need some wedges because the seat is on an angle so that you roll down into the back of the seat. I must have some energy even if it is only in 2 minute bursts.

Luckily I was dressed and moving around the kitchen looking busy when S arrived. I knew he was coming today. You see he left the Perrerrea House on Friday and knocked on my door armed with washing which has gradually been attended to over the last few days in between rain. I invited him for tea and he stayed that night but he was agitated and decided that he could not stay. He said today that he "had to get out of here" again. When he says that, it can mean that he will go immediately or he will get ready to go taking hours to do it. He made sandwiches and stuff on Saturday because he was planning on sleeping in the car at Maroochy River somewhere with a cold shower. It was a wet weekend and he went out into the rain. I could not imagine anything worse. He said he had his phone stolen last night but I do not know where he was. He was planning to go to the Coastguard on Sunday and hang around the building volunteering and Monday he was going to Nambour to see his boss. In fact, he just tells me that he might have an office there to work out of soon. But he wants to live in the hub of the Sunshine Coast which is Maroochydore so he had a place lined up to move into today and since he left his frozen food and washing here, I was expecting him to come and collect it today.

He did not stay for long. He paid me back some money and then asked to borrow it back to buy a phone but I said no. He then wanted all the old phones in the house - namely mine and his ex-phones which he gave to me. I gave him my Palm Treo last time and he denied ever taking it a month later but today he said he found it but he left it at the new place but that is not good enough for him. It is pretty close to dead but all the phones here are playing up any way. Old faithful Zte got dropped in the sea and still works but it is doing odd things at times. The other needs a new battery. But I would rather get a Kindle right now. For my birthday whether I can afford it or not. Being impulsive again.

Number 2 and family are off to Melbourne tomorrow, followed by Bendigo on the train. They will fly on Tiger from Maroochydore. They will be picked up in Bendigo on Friday to go to Mildura and I guess Wentworth.

I am in so much pain that I am going back to bed. Cranial nerves, bladder aching, stingy nose, facial nerves, aching glands, stiff neck, migraine, ..........

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