Friday, March 25, 2011

Esha, Connor, Number One's latest and the Vacuum Shop

I went to get my blood test, this afternoon and did a bit more than I planned while I was out. I went to the fruit shop and the op shop at Golden Beach and bought Esha a pair of tiny knitted booties that someone hand makes. I got petrol, and decided to buy Connor one of those school snack bags they make at Rainbow Fuel because I decided that I would visit ange's house armed with unwrapped gifts and no cards. 

It was nice to see them after so long and Esha is a typical little baby and you can see that she has totally different genes.  quite angular.  I had a nurse, a little chat, a drink of water and told Connor outside that he could come to my place sometime if he wanted to.  He has been playing up a bit a school.  On top of that, it seems he is not keeping up with his peers.  Immature and trouble with fine motor skills (like Scott).  ange wishes he had not been put up to grade 2 because he is really struggling to keep up now.  The others are writing sentences and Connor is struggling with his letter formation still.  I remember what that sense of failure to does to children only too well by watching how it affected my boys - especially the first one.  The cross we bear so to speak.  It is so peculiar when you think about how our personalities and thoughts about ourselves and others are formed when we are children and then have to be undone again when we are adult enough to know that we can undo it if we want.  It seems like we have to accumulate a sense of our strengths and weakness by comparing ourselves to others and when that produces painful emotions we start growing beyond all that.

after the visit to Connor's house I went to the Vaccuum cleaner shop to exchange the bags I bought last week only to find that my kind of bags cannot be purchased any more so I had to re-take the one's I originally bought which will fit after all.  another wasted trip.  I hate using up my energy for nothing so I will have to learn not to hate it. 

I went back home via Jaycar where I bought a keyboard so that I could type my surname.  The darn thing doesn't even work so now I am going to have to go back tomorrow.  More wasted energy.  I was actually planning a very low energy day and the funny thing is that even with all that activity, I felt like I could not wake up properly all day.

I am sore and tired and I can't seem to be bothered to make a proper meal.  Number one phoned.  I have not heard from him for a while and I shouldn't have been surprised when he said that he has moved again.  To Kuluin again but not the same house I assume.  He said he had moved offices too but I am not sure who is working for or with because the Nambour Broker sacked him.  He admitted he did not get on with them but I have no more information.  He decided he wanted to hang up when I started to lecture.

There was a hint of Winter this morning.  I had to pull up something other than a sheet.  It will be much better for me when it is cooler.  I will be able to sleep a lot better because at the moment I still have to go to bed with the fan on and it is so noisy.  Maybe not tonight.

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