Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kindle and Family News

jfrizzell_98@Kindle.com means you can attach photos and documents that will get to my Kindle.  I do not know anything about it much but it is an emergency communication tool for a "small cost" to you.  I can change the email address if I like but for now I will stick with feeling like 98 years old.

Today I had phone contact with B and then later his Dad and then later S turned up to get a fan this time.  It is hot in his room.  Apparently he lives with an Asian who hardly speaks English and another person who he described as being like an "Igor".  When I asked if he was actually becoming friends with any he said he thought Igor might be the one.  But I do not think that is his real name.  I think it is S's nick name for him.   It seems they mostly go to their own rooms so maybe this sharehouse will work out.  He seemed to be in a good mood - at least he laughed at my jokes.  He was gone again pretty fast and I told him that Ange was being induced tomorrow so will probably be giving birth on March 16th or 17th.  Apparently S was allowed to take Connor to the movies and back on the weekend.

B has not been pigging yet.  He has had a cold developing the whole time he has been there so he declined yesterdays offer by Eric Sutton who is Stacey's cousin's husband.  And today they borrowed Nan's car and went to Mildura.

R says he knows the answer to loosing weight now.  Eat every 2 hours and quit most sugar.  He is hoping to be "not diabetic" because his doctor said it may well disappear if he got down to 100kg.  He wasn't aware about taking iodine to saturate your thyroid so you will not absorb the radioactive kind....so he does not know everything.  But mainly he rang up to get S's new phone number because he did buy another one.  There is no way he would go without a phone.  Neither of them.
That is Connor at home taken from Facebook.

Some of my mucking around with photos.
And here we have the least pesticide-containing foods
And finally I am thinking of Japan

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