Friday, March 25, 2011

Itches, Swimming and Travelling People
Plaquenil has a reputation for causing sun sensitivity and a rather large proportion of people taking it are reporting itching, scratching themselves to bits and raised, blister filled lumps and even hives but when I started itching it was over a week since the sun burn I had. But not all are associating it with the sun since a lot of them are housebound with Lupus.

home-made bathers
When I started getting miniscule lumps on top of the itching skin it had been very humid and I thought it was a sweat rash.  I scratched and I felt fluid break even though I could barely see them.  I have also been bitten by sandflies and mosquitoes so I also wondered if it was an allergic reaction.  But the most recent bites do not look anything like the red pin prick tops that have been left in a few different places on my body.  I also have the sorer type of lump emerging.  One was so sore I thought it was a boil developing but like the others it is now just a mark but it had no fluid and does not itch.   I have stopped taking the Plaquenil now but I went to the doctor yesterday to get some anti-histamine that I could have bought over the counter without a doctor's script.  It reminded me how long it must have been since I have needed an anti-histamine and how forgetful I have become because now I am sure I already knew that.

a bit of artistic license
It was an impromptu appointment because I was not willing to put up with the itching any longer at that point in time and I got an appointment with Dr Fleur Thomas who did her amazing act of running down the street after me when I left without the blood test form that she actually did not write when I was in her room.  She decided that I should be tested for any effects Plaquenil may be having on my liver.  I will get that blood test soon.  It was too late for the 3pm closing time at QML Golden Beach yesterday. 

Cold Salt Water for Itches?

Earlier in the day I went looking for a clean looking spot to get cool locally and I ended up at Fraser Park just past the GB shops heading to town which is actually the designated bathing area with a life-saving tower that only operates in peak season.  There was no-one there yesterday.  I had been to my closest favorite spot at the SS. Onslow Cadet area but the water was not blue enough for my liking.  I took a few photos before I moved on but the camera kept saying that the SD card needed formatting so I did not bother trying to take any more at the later spot. But I did want you to see the erosion at my usual spot.  The causurina is more or less in the water now and the weed is building up from all the effluent following all the rain over Summer.  Even the sand bars when they are exposed they are gaining a green distant glow -some green algae maybe?  Doesn't that mean phosphates?  The declining health of our waterways especially the Pumicestone Passage worries me.  and what do you think of my bathers?  a boob tube on top of a shiffon dress to hide my stomach plus bikini bottoms.  I should not have left my top so exposed because I got a flush of burn and I am itching there despite starting the Claratyne yesterday. 

Travelling Family and Welcome Esha
While I was trying to keep cool, B and Cohen and S are travelling by car from Dubbo where they stayed in a motel the night before.  They came back home via Toowoomba after their two weeks away in Wentworth NSW.  The car they drove was given to them as a gift from S's Nan. There they are running amok in Wentworth.  S got her hair streaked by a friend or rellie while she was there and Cohen looks just as much of a grot as ever.

It has been a long time since I have seen either of my grand children but Connor now has a little baby sister who has Paul as her father.  Her name is Esha anne and she was born on Friday March 18th at 1am after an inducement.

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