Thursday, March 17, 2011

HAPPY ST.PATRICK'S DAY (and Happy Birthday Jan and possibly Connor's New Sister)

The Luck of the Spoonies (yes click the link)

Yep, the luck of the spoonies. Actually you should read the section on the Spoon Theory because most of us talk in terms of spoons, marbles or energy. I used mine up just getting ready to go for Thai with Jan, Mandy and Lacie for Jan's birthday. The humidity got to me today and if what is going on in my mouth is not candida (the doc looked again when I got the allied health services organised), then I do not know why my mouth is burning - mainly the tip of my tongue and upper gum at my front teeth. They are bright red considering I am pale-gummed. Nothing I have tried works on them. Even the drop of tea tree oil in water. Everything just burns. Even my cigarettes burn and sometimes it just burns by itself. Salt water rinses sting. All that aside, I was worn out by this lunch today and I even came home with the wrong vacuum cleaner bags from the vacuum shop which was next door. Actually I barely ate lunch. I brought it home in a container for a price.

Yep it has been hard to try and stay well. Despite all the supplements, I still have sore glands, the burning mouth, neck and shoulder pain that seems to cause not just migraines but pains in my ears/eyes/teeth and I am still dizzy from cutting from 6.6mg to 3.3mg of Lovan after a few days of alternating. It has been a week I think and still my body craves the higher dose. All this is pretty much torture, yet I was worse when I felt ill even when I was lying down back a few weeks. But my heart-rate is starting to creep up again for a given task. It is not right today. I need to take it easy.

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