Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm sick, I miss Plaquenil

If this has got anything to do with being off Plaquenil for a week then the only thing to do is go back on the Plaquenil which I have, at half the dose.  The only problem is the itches and burning mouth.  They have not stopped.  I have not had any fresh lumps and no more sore ones that feel like boils for a day or so.  I have little bumps all over me but I cannot make out whether they are new bumps or old bumps - but so far no more red bumps but the old ones still itch.  Even where there are no bumps I am still itching all over and do enjoy a scratch every few minutes.  I am getting pricks and stings as well.  But this mouth burning has been going on ever since January.  It started with just the tip of my tongue.  I had a sore throat back then too.

My glands came up very sore again yesterday and it is the third day after the lifting I did on Sunday.  A third day peak in symptoms after exertion is typical for me.  Slightly worse the next day and so on till the third day.  So what happened on the third day which was yesterday?  I got visitors.  I was sound asleep and eventually the yelling at the door got through to me.  It was 4.30pm and I have no idea how long I have slept for.  Not even sure what day it is.  It was Rob but he had brought a long time friend of ours who was temporarily in town.  they came inside while I got dressed but I could not wake up/think/feel like I was making any sense or take in what was being said so I asked them if they could possibly find something to do for a while and come back.  No problems - they had to do a grocery shop for Judy.  It turned out to be a grocery shop for tea as well.  Rob bought prawns and salad stuff for bread rolls and dressings and discount meat that he just gave to me because "I know you like lamb".  I had no money to pay him back so I didn't.  I didn't ask for it.  Happens a lot.  Lamb roast in the oven tonight.  But I have no energy to do much more than slice off some meat and I feel fluey and awful and have been sleeping most of the day.  Relapse and not just a post-exertional response which I can catch up on if I sleep.  Sleep is not rescuing me this time.  Maybe getting the Plaquenil back into my system will.  It takes 3 months to peak and I stopped after only 1 because of the suspected allergy or reaction or liver involvement.

The itches are my prime concern because I do not know what is causing them and they are constant but now not as insanely irritating as when those cluster of tops had formed after the blisters.  I am now wondering if it is Shingles.  Apparently you can get it in your mouth and people are complaining about long term effects in terms of itching and mouth burning even after the lumps.  Some sort of post-shingles neuralgia.  I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow to see what Fleur thinks.  If it was Shingles, it could be my chance to get on antivirals which is the only treatment for M.E likely to actually lower my viral load according to what I read (as opposed to just treating symptoms).  Unfortunately they have problems of their own.  I know too much.

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