Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday I back into Tina's car

I went to pick up B at 5am.  Two cars parked on their side of the drive.  Fogged windows.  Concentrating on the big tank of a car.  Bang.  I'm devastated.  All before the Easter Bunny is due.

Pick up B - he smells like a brewery.  But I'm sobbing out a year's full of tears over the next hour and low and behold, they climb into bed and just forget about the work that St has to be at by 8am.  She knew she would fall asleep.  But she did not ring to let work know.  In fact it seemed to suit her this time that Brett should not drive after a night on the Midori (mine).  The night before it was tinned premix as a primer before the club at midnight. B bought Yager Bombs so I am told.  Drink triggers off St's paranoia and for B it just mellows him.  He can drink an awful lot without actually getting drunk but he likes feeling "maggot-faced".  All you ever see in his party photos is him acting like it - poking out his tongue - thinking he's having a good time.  So, I was the chauffeur during the day Saturday in case he was still over the limit and I got to drive the new car.  It lacks a little on the uptake and needs a paint job on the roof.

I waited around for them to get out of bed - pruned the tree at the front letterbox which got me out of being teary; and wiped the black stuff off my rear side bumper bar which turned out to be a rubber strip on her car; doing this all while craving sleep but too wired to do so.  I was shaking.

I think Cohen woke them up again about 8.30am and the eggs Daddy bought for the Easter Bunny to leave were sitting there waiting but it wasn't something he was waking up with exitement for.  Too young.  St didn't really start thinking about getting Cohen something from the Easter Bunny until she got back here yesterday after 12 hours of unexplained absence but she certainly would not walk down to the shops even if B hadn't have mumbled "I got him something".  "Oh but I wanted him to have that big bunny one - complain, complain."  Cohen got enough.  See for yourself.

Happy Easter - they're gone - back to the relatively uneventful life they have in Gympie - all playing some computerized gadget or game in their own private worlds but together as some sort of family.  Cohen is going to fit in nicely by the looks with his "tendo". Translated Nintendo DS Lite.

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