Thursday, January 26, 2012


Did I show you the chart or did I put it on Facebook? Anyway, I just looked at it again - supergreens and beetroot are not on the permissible list but I am going to finish off the rest of today's smoothie. I have been having gut problems. The raspberries are OK but there are not many greens on the list except for green beans and lettuce and the spinachy ones which is not good if you cannot tolerate deadly nightshades. It is quite a limited diet unless you eat the same thing every second day. I must admit I usually feel better not eating them and pigging out on mentos instead but I have been making myself eat nutritious things. Not much point if they are going to ferment in my gut though. I will find that chart and come back and insert it. My excitement for the week was jail-breaking an Apple TV. Happy Australia Day. Now I need to find out what really happened to Julia today in Canberra.

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