Friday, January 06, 2012

He turned up again and I have proof of my cognitive decline

Yesterday evening I got a phone call from number one son who said that he was on his way down on the bus to use the Internet for an assignment and would I pick him up from the bus interchange.  I was not well but I agreed to pick him up and I had him get fish and chips on the way home.  We ate them at Bill's Boats on dusk as the lights of town across the water were becoming pretty.  Even the evening at home was quite quiet and peaceful until he realized that his assignment was due 2 days beforehand.  He's just blown 4% of his marks.  I had given him an unactivated Telstra 3G dongle for his computer but I was not expecting him to use it all up at his new place near campus because I am sure he told me it had Internet access.  It doesn't.  So now on top of a highish rental he will have prepaid 3G to pay for.  It seems his residence is a house for four but the whole complex is serviced by a recreational room, tennis courts, a gym and more that is covered by the rent.  There was only one other woman there when he moved in and he said a Lesbian had also moved in that day.  He has noticed a lot of Maori's around.  I expected him to say Asians.  Uni has not started yet so there will be lot more people to come.

Today was not so peaceful.  We were up early before 6am and I was worn out by the time he left and I crashed for several hours.  I did get a cooked breakfast and my car detailed and washed by him so that I could  make him earn $30 which was a lot cheaper than what I had been quoted.  I also paid for tea the night before.

He still would not add me as a Facebook friend and this morning I was hoping that he would be able to take Connor back for the weekend to use the facilities as he suggested but there was no-one home.  It is Connor's birthday on Sunday and S did not have much intention of buying him anything.  We started arguing about his role in his son's life and I insisted he buy him something/anything - a torch from a Supermarket.  I hope he does.  He has not bought him a Christmas present.   He says he is too broke but whatever pay he gets from working he gets this evening so surely he can get something - even a packet of lollies.  "He wouldn't want that - but the torch is OK".  I got the usual about "them" trying to stop him from succeeding but I have to switch off to preserve my sanity or simply tell him to be quiet because I don't want to hear it.

I found a site that does cognitive testing and I must say I am finding it very hard except for remembering numbers. My profile looks terrible for one who used to have a high IQ and be a Uni tutor and teacher. I found the one below next to impossible.

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