Monday, January 23, 2012

A New Doctor, More blood tests

Labs requested by Dr Mark Forster: fasting homocysteine, lipoprotein A, B12, vitamin C, folate, rbc folate and a mid-stream urine M, C & S.

I looked up the tests online.

Homocysteine test to determine if a person has B12 or folate deficiency,
a screen for people at high risk for heart attack or stroke. It may be useful in someone who has a family history of coronary artery disease but no other known risk factors. Its utility for this purpose, however, continues to be questioned because the role, if any, that homocysteine plays in the progression of cardiovascular disease (CVD) has not been established. Routine screening, such as that done for total cholesterol, is not yet recommended.

Lipoprotein A test  your risk of developing heart disease; as part of a targeted screen for cardiovascular disease (CVD)

When you have a family history of elevated Lp(a) and/or a family history of premature CVD; when you have heart disease but your lipid profile is normal or shows only mildly elevated cholesterol and/or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C)

Folate test is a measure of how much there is in the serum or plasma (liquid)
rbc folate is a measure of how much there is inside the red blood cell
MCS urine test is a urine culture test looking for microorganisms (because I have had a pain in the right side)

Next week I have another dentist appointment and the IBD clinic where I should get the results of the faecal calprotein test on stool sample and other blood tests that I had a few days before Christmas.
This doctor is going to cost - he does not bulk-bill but gave me some sort of discount so I get all back from Medicare bar about $20 but he sells the vitamins and supplements so that is on top.  I already had vitamin D3 and he says from previous blood tests (he had QML fax them) that I am low and should be taking 3000 units a day.  I've been taking 1000 on the days I do not get sun.  Not enough.
He sold me zinc sulfate and an iron complex too.  I am to return to him in a week but I made it two weeks since I have so much on next week...for me anyway.
Local News: Kawana Shoppingworld hires out mobility scooters for free - still have to walk from the car unless in a handicapped zone and that is one thing I have not got yet - a disability sticker for the car.  Anyway I tried one out the other day.  Makes a huge difference as to how long I can last shopping.  I got a lot of looks because plastered on the front is the ad board saying "free use in shopping centre" or some such.  Would you believe that if I went too fast (and it was already speed limited for shopping centre use) then I got motion sickness?
Still have not heard from B and S has phoned but gets irritated with me asking anything like "Have you seen Connor for his birthday yet?" then saying "I hate phoning you" so he wants me to "be smart in what I say".  But I blew it again this time so he ended the call.  He still has his job, he got a raise for each sale and he does not like where he lives.  He actually phoned because it is raining and he wanted my car for the week.  I said no.

My latest invention - 1 scoop Amazing Grass Green's Superfoods powder
half diced raw beetroot
sprig parsley
handful grapes
handful frozen raspberries
orange/mango juice concentrate
cold water
in a blender

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