Monday, January 02, 2012

Nothing has changed

Happy New Year 2012

New Years Resolutions - try the FODMAP diet for IBS, feed my pancreas and put my feet up more especially after exertion.  

Overdid my quota waiting up till midnight downloading movies so now I can barely use the Internet thanks to Telstra's extremely restrictive shaping on an already over-congested exchange.  

The dizzies and mid-high back pain continue as 2011 turned into 2012 aggravated by a lack of suspension on a trial of a portable mobility scooter; a large solar flare was noted here, I love my ipad; Rob came here for a sleep to recover from drinking with Greg NY Eve; I finished off my six pack having a beer for Dad's birthday at  Military Jetty and noted that it was a more effective painkiller than any of the analgesic/opiods I have; I still have M.E., fibromyalgia and IBS (if not IBD) yet I am not depressed; S phoned from his new (temporary) home to wish me a Happy New Year and I forgot to tell you that his new home is not in Buderim with a Jewish 21 year old; S is instead living at Varcity opposite Uni Central just about on campus at Sippy Downs in a single room with shared kitchen and laundry paying top dollar because of .......some mixup he would not explain and I  am getting severe motion sickness.

The tourists are having a great time at Military Jetty at 6pm

It has taken an hour to upload this so you can't say I don't have any persistence but I think it is at the expense of my back to hold myself up too much longer.  I need to go horizontal.  However I did want to tell you something else but now I have forgotten it again.

Maybe it was the scooter thing.  I think I might have a chance of having a lot more fun zooming around locally armed with a fishing rod maybe on a smaller good grade non-portable scooter if I am going to have the freedom to get out of this house.  I can go on 30 km adventures which I could not do on a portable and the lack of suspension definately jolted my spine the other day.  A couple of months ago I may not have even thought of that being an issue because my pain has been mostly from my neck but that jolting brought back the problem I used to have at ribcage floor on my back which also causes migraines that can last months - hence the nausea.  I do not think the light sensitivity (been wearing sunnies inside and installing monitor brightness controls again...the same as this time last year) is part of that because I was getting that before and blurry eyes.  Blurry eyes were a new feature in 2011 and it started before I started taking Plaquenil for the record.

As for the scooter dilema, the best solution is to have one of each kind but if I was going to do that then I would prefer the car boot one to be an airport stow on type and if I am going to get a bumpy ride outside smooth surfaces then I will not be going on anything but smooth surfaces - shopping centres.  Nothing small like that is going to be suitable in my immediate local vicinity even just to get me to the Golden Beach Shops which is probably the most mobility scootered area in town but the least footpathed outside main thoroughfares.  It is also the most push-biked area of town by the elderly.  The other alternative is a power chair plus an all terrain mobility scooter.  I would not be talking like this if I was getting any better but I have not been and if I can make myself comfortable just maybe I can get outside these walls more often.  I would be able to go to Jan's BBQ's that they walk to down in Happy Valley.  I have missed out on things a few times because they were walking and trying to get a park anywhere near there in Summer and on holidays which is when we tend to celebrate.  Most of Jan's crew are getting used to not having cars because they live so centrally.  I can't believe I am even thinking of mobility scooters.  I'd prefer it to be campervans (maybe towing a mobility scooter :).

I will need to look into this "feed my pancreas" idea because it just popped into my head so I have no idea what it takes to feed my pancreas.  Karla would say it was "spirit" telling me something important.  But I was just thinking that since I had so many missing food digesting enzymes in that biopsy long, long ago and since that sort of thing is made in the pancreas and because some nutritionalists still believe in hypoglycemia being a component of some chronic fatigue syndromes, then I should find out what foods are good for my pancreas and find out how it can be cleansed and while I am still into supplements (the D-Ribose came), what sort of supplements would help out a malfunctioning pancreas.  I've been taking advantage of the one-for-one nature of dollars between the US and AUD throughout 2011 but if things revert back to the way they used to be, I may not be able to be so generous to myself.  But I had to try.

Perhaps there may be an option to try something more dramatic as time goes by and the use of anti-retrovirals in M.E. becomes more commonplace.  However the severe die-off symptoms experienced are not going to be any picnic.  I am not sure I could put myself through it by then but you can bet Bond Uni at the Gold Coast will be looking for trial participants.  It is so great that they have teamed up with Simaren Research in the USA.

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