Sunday, January 08, 2012

He's Working in Hervey Bay for a week

I cancelled the dentist on Thursday because I was not prepared to put up with any further relapsing.  I am still unwell with a peculiar but familiar all-over internal vibratory feeling so I have not done anything except get some groceries for half an hour yesterday.  Today I am even worse and I knew S was coming to pick up his work folder and tooth brush which he accidentally left behind the other day.  He coincided it with meeting up at his bosses house (I think or maybe it was another fellow) as a meeting place for those going to door knock Hervey Bay all next week.  I had to drop him there which I have just done.

He has no money at all except for $25 I just gave him until Wednesday when he gets paid by Centrelink.  However he is being given $100 by his boss for food and the accomodation is all paid for.  It is supposed to be nice booking but he has no idea whether it is near the beach not that he seems to have packed anything for the beach.  He kept saying "shh" to something (not me) in the car on the way but he is very organised and looks very smart.  He even Listerined before we walked out the door.  Anyone would think he was meeting a girl but I think there are only two men going and that includes S.  I know he has not met this person before.

I'll be going to lay down again soon as I have been most of the day even while he was here.  In fact I fell asleep (again) so I did not speak to him much except that I asked if he would friend me on Facebook but his answer is still no - because I comment on his posts (most people on Facebook prefer comments and "Likes" rather than feeling like they are talking to thin air) but promising not to comment still has not changed his mind.  I am restricted to email but he changes those addresses as much as he changes his bank accounts and mobile phone numbers and living addresses and now Health Insurance companies.  It beats me how he keeps track of anything.

I hope he has a lovely time in nice accomodation in Hervey Bay.  It is going to be in the 30's most of the week so I am glad it is not me having to walk the streets but he seems keen.

It is Connor's birthday today but nothing was done about that except that he phoned the other day explaining that he would be away.  No he still has not bought him a birthday present so that is another reason he did not want to see him today.

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