Thursday, January 19, 2012

Home And Community Care (HACC) Services

Firstlly, I got a phonecall from number one son today.  I have been thinking of him going door to door in Hervey Bay in that heatwave last week and I was wondering how he went.  I had sent an email because he will not friend me on Facebook any more.  He said he just rang up to say hello.  So I asked him how it went and he said that he didn't even go that week.  In his words "Something was wrong with the accomodation" enough wrong to see him catching a bus back home the next day and leaving the guy that drove him up there behind.  How he still has his job I don't know.  Or has he?  I didn't even ask.  Enough of a shock already.  The only reason he phoned me was because I phoned him looking for half the vacuum cleaner.  When he found out that I had cleaners here today he got curious and rang back.  He wanted the low down on that and I wanted the low down on why he allows these things to obviously cause problem with other people and his job.  He said, he couldn't help it.  I'll phone again, now I know he is talking to me.  Number 2 is not.  Stacey phoned looking for him because he had just picked up Cohen from Landsborough Station.  I did not see him and have not heard from him since before Christmas unless I have forgotten a phonecall.  No house phone, no Internet and only a mobile phone and talk of him having a girlfriend.

Kabbarli phoned last week and we organized my first floor cleaning day for Thursdays as a rule to coincide with Clarice next door (Cal) but it had to be changed this week because I have the dentist again tomorrow.  I wasn't well enough 2 weeks ago.  I've been dizzy ever since up till today but my activity levels have been rising regardless.  I am back to pottering around the house instead of lying around, sleeping more than usual or sitting at the computer and letting the house fall apart.  I'm moving again - and I had a respite from the dizzies today.

The house has been neglected and I am sorry to say that this service is not really cleaning at all.  It seems to be designed for maintaining an already clean house rather than getting a neglected house up to standard.  If the mop doesn't get in the corner or shift that mark, it just gets left.  I must be a perfectionist despite not being able to live up to my own standards or else they just do a spit and a polish and get out as fast as they can.  I say "they" because 2 of them came today.  They were only here an hour and we had some paperwork.  I did more work today trying to clear the place so that they had access to the floor than I should have for my health's sake but I have enjoyed moving.  I started yesterday on cleaning the glassware that has to be packed up in the china cabinet before the painters can move it.  I have to do it when I can so that it will be done and I will not have to worry about it any more.  I could be really sick again by the end of the week.  I just don't know.

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zena said...

Nice to see your'e finally acessing some support even if HACC cleaners are pretty average. Hope you are ok after the activity. D