Saturday, April 02, 2011

Crohn's of the Mouth?, Number two on his 5th hole in his non-stuck lung and number one is happy with work.

Playing in Wentworth
 April already!!!!

The leaves are falling off the crepe myrtle after it's second late flowering and they are also falling from the Tropical Birch so I am waiting for Flora to announce as she does every year that it is dying.

I went to Dr Fleur and she does not think it is Shingles because the lumps were on both sides of my body and only 2 were painful.  Other people say you can get Shingles that crosses the mid-line.  I do not know what it is and neither does she but she does want me to come back next week.  She thought this time that the burning mouth/tongue thing could be a lack of B12 so she arranged for an injection then and there.  Unfortunately it has made no difference to either of those symptoms.  I am back to square one.  So now I am wondering if it is Crohn's of the mouth?  It can effect anywhere from mouth to anus after all.  I have no ulcers (yet) - just bright red little swollen front gums top centre and a red tongue tip.  The burning pain in my mouth is just like the burn from reflux and the burn in my gut that I get.  A mouth full of acid feeling.  The sort of feeling that signals that this is not good for me.  The only other thing I can associate with it is a fuller lip feeling.  I did notice that a long time ago and thought it was because I was more hydrated than dehydrated with the electrolyte fluids.  After that it was the tip of the tongue but back then I also had sore throats going on.  She says it is still "mucky".

The blood test related to Plaquenil show no problem with it in regards to my liver by I have elevated lymphocytes again and she equates that with virus.  I think she noted that my heart was racing.

I feel better than I did a few days ago fluey wise but this burning mouth just will not stop and seems to be worse today.  I have not really found anything I can put on it that does not sting.  Tried mouth rinses and stuff and salty water and tea-tree oil water.  I do not know what to do but I am still trying yoghurt smears, chia seed gel - got any ideas?

Bad news from B this morning.  Two lots actually.  He has another hole in his lung that he has not had seen to.  It is worse than the last one but not bad enough that he cannot control its inflation and deflation.  He is becoming an expert.  Once again Roger is just wanting him to come to work regardless but B knows it takes rest to heal it.  I have encouraged him to go to the doctor on Monday if he will not go to hospital so at least this one is on record.  I sort of hope he can hang in there until he sees the specialist which is now going to be in May at Nambour.  I do not want him having his lung stuck to the chest wall until he sees the specialist first and even Brett is getting worried that he will have to have the op but he can also see a life where he may not be able to have a manual type job and even discussed the pension today on the phone to me.  So it seems if the worse comes to the worst then it is already planned that he stays home with Cohen and St goes out to work.  He is also re-considering his course options.  Perhaps computing now.  However I realise now that having the op would probably allow him to continue to work.  It is just that I read that if the lung is stuck like that, it makes the option of a future lung transplant difficult.  That is why I want him to see the specialist to ask about it.

B was lifting furniture yesterday which made his lung worse.  They got some package deal and actually they were in Kawana but did not make it down to see me.  Some bright spark left the window open in their bedroom when they went away and they came back to at least a mouldy mattress.

The second piece of bad news was Missy the cat.  She slowly paralysed to death last night after they found her at tea time unable to walk because of her back legs.  They looked for ticks but could not find any and so they wondered if it was another young brown snake.  They had already seen one right next to Cohen ealier in the week which B killed and Cohen was told to run from.  B was none too happy.  I could tell it was traumatic for him because St would not let the cat die alone and B got the job of watching every minute till its last breath with its eyes staring ahead open.  St could not bare to watch it but wanted someone there nevertheless so it was B digging a grave at midnight last night.  An April Fool's day to remember none of which was good for his lung.  I can imagine now that a discussion about vets (after the cost of the last episode) would have been heated if it was considered.  Maybe that is why B got the graveyard shift.

Money is always an issue with B having to extract what he can from Roger and it seems this whole idea of living rent free at Jan's place while being at her beck and call to fix vehicles and maintain the paddock or yards is not working out so well.  Roger has no time or energy for anything else and most of B's paid work comes from Jan too.  Whoever she is.

Number One has only made contact via Facebook once since the earlier post about him.  I asked "How's things?" and he said "There ok. Work is going well."

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