Monday, April 04, 2011

B Went to the Doctor and My lips are more swollen today
It's a piece of capsicum.  I read it was an anti-inflammatory pain killer.

An oldie but I thought they might want it one day.

B got the not nice doctor apparently when he went to the clinic.  He did not go to the hospital at all this time.  The doctor just gave him an xray form to use as soon as it happens next time.  But as far as B is concerned the Thursday lung hole has healed over the last few days.  They must be small.  Last time in hospital they did not even see it on an xray.  I suspect the only reason he made a doctor appointment was so that he had an excuse not to go out to Roger's and get in one more day of healing.  Roger is crying out for him.

Just been doing nothing.  My mouth is burning really badly today despite the cortisone and my lips are feeling fuller and the outside is getting dry.

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