Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A, whoozy, wobbly, lead-leg day with a thumping heart it is.  I woke up feeling better though this morning and it lasted an hour.  B rang up when they got the parcel I sent and let him open it while I was on the phone but he did not talk at all.  The funny thing was that I thought I ordered a game for his new Nintendo DS Lite but it turned out to be a Go Diego Go DVD which he wanted to watch there and then - but I am starting to doubt my sanity.  I even knew what the game was supposed to do.  How I turned it into a DVD order I have no idea.  As it turns out it does not matter but it made it an expensive DVD.

The ECHO was the last thing I felt like doing this afternoon and I have not got the report but I got the film and a CD with pictures and video.  They even had free wifi at the imaging place.  First time I have seen anything free around here outside Macca's.

I have no idea which picture or video showed it but the man who did it said something about extra pressure in the pulmonary valve and although the others have said it is benign, he seems to favor the original diagnosis I got back when I was 21 of pulmonary stenosis - a valve problem.  He said I had a very slight leak in the mitral valve but that didn't really count.  I guess this means going back to a cardiologist again.  My appointment to get the results of this and the last blood tests and to tell me where to go next is on Friday now because I was asked to reschedule from Thursday because Fleur is home with sick kids and Craig and she have swapped over days.  She was away only a week or so ago with sick kids.  It is a wonder I don't catch something from her!!!

There's plenty more but I think there are enough posted here for safe keeping.  Just need to invite a cardiologist to view this page.  Anyone know a free online cardiologist with a passion for pictures?

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