Saturday, April 16, 2011

Once-in-a-lifetime adventure

That was 1994.  And yes I was giggly with nervousness.  My life was better back then but my soul is better now. The feeling of free-fall was like being able to fly.  It did not feel like falling. I had an urge to learn astral travelling after this one-off experience of knowing what it was like to fly.

It is a real shame that the Darling Downs in Queensland AU was going through drought at the time.  I could not see a stick of green.  Maybe that is not as bad as not being able to see the view properly anyway because I lost my glasses as we did an almighty tumble out of the plane.  I was hoping for a belly flop.

Let me tell you a cfs/fibromyalgia secret......neruological problems seem to cause disorientation and dizziness.  So I hated the tumble part.  I had no idea where I was in space and if I had not been tandem I wonder if I would have ever been able to snap out of that disorientation in time.  Somewhere after 1994 I had the same horrible sensation from waltzing.  So I gave up anything that involved even slow spins in dancing.

After the tumble when my glasses (and Paraventure's goggles) flew off and upward, flattening out into flying mode was fantastic.  The air was palpable and small hand movements could direct your flight.   Yes, you can steer up there!!!

Hanging under the parachute was not as sensational to me.  That feeling of dangling was not exactly comforting but it was a good opportunity to catch up on the view.  I am glad my instructor let me rest my feet on top of his.  It was nicer to have a firm base.  The jump was over so quickly even from 12,000 feet up.  I would do it again if I had a million bucks but I won't be bleaching my hair like that again.  I was trying to live it up at the time (mid-life crisis)  - I was a recycled single again and thanks to Barry for introducing me to a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Those gorgeous HUGE glasses were actually returned to me from someone's backyard 2km down the road.   I've still got them hoping that they will come back into fashion.

The other part of the video is my friend jumping.

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