Tuesday, April 12, 2011

He's been robbed $25
He just phoned from work looking for money which at the moment is a place called:  
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W:  5479 1234
M:              0408 865 076      
E:    Email

Shops 2 & 3 Ocean Central. Cn'r Ocean S't and Duporth Ave Maroochydore QLD, 4558
P.O. Box 567, Maroochydore, QLD, 4558

He says he will have to move again because the money was in his wallet at home.  He said they were wankers there which is not what he said last time.  He said it was going to be OK this time.  He is very happy with work and I have tried to collaborate with him through Google Docs in an effort to help with his latest assignment but it seems I make that too complicated too.  He asked for the proof read.  I did not really want to do it.  I have been really ill again (or is it still?).  It seems he is doing a tertiary prep subject which I guess is designed to teach him how to be a tertiary student...referencing, research basics, assignment formatting and in this case summarizing. In an age past I used to tutor this sort of thing.  Here is what he gave me to proof read

OUA Assignment Cover Sheet

An Assignment Cover Sheet needs to be included at the front of each assignment submitted.

Address details

Address: 6 Burwood court

Kuluin, 4558

Assignment details

Unit code: SSK10

Assignment no. 2

Extension due date (if applicable): Fri 15th April 2011

Assignment topic (as stated in the Unit Information Booklet): Assignment 1 Short Essay : Discuss roles and
responsibilities of students and lecturers.

Unit name: Tertiary learning strategies

Applied Energy

Tagashira*,N & Senda,Y 2011, ‘What information should be provided in communications on biomass power
generation’, Socio–economic Research Centre, viewed 24 March 2011, 30 June 2010, accepted 7 January 2011,

Assignment summary, 

This paper is to distinguish the appropriate information to be given to untrained people in Japan to
further their knowledge of Biomass generation. To promote the development and way electricity is
used when generated from renewable energy sources. Support schemes like the renewables portfolio
standard and other green power programs have been introduced. Coming up with the necessary costs
involved and benefits of those schemes, people need accurate information in regards to the features
of renewable generation. The method used was a two stage “mental model” the technique was to
perform open ended interviews and a questionaire survey to show peoples understandings when it
came to Biomass generation. From these results it showed that the information to be given to the
population should incorporate the subsequent: (a) Definitions of biomass and biomass generation,
(b) specific generation technologies, (c) the carbon neutral concept of biomass, (d) non use of energy
food crops in Japan, (e) Sustainable availability of resources under certain conditions and (f) High
generation costs with their causes, such as collection costs of resources. (Tagashira*& Senda 2011, P.1)
Open ended interviews was the first of the method used from the two stage “mental model” -
this consisted of 30 recruits ages 30 – 58 who meet the requirements from a screening process
narrowed from 4173 residents in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. Bias was eliminated and the
interviews took place from February 10-20, 2007. Results consisted of questions derived from the
following: Biomass, “knowledge”, Biomass power generation “Knowledge”, Resources for electricity
generation, Generation technologies, Advantages and disadvantages. What the respondents believed
about the topics was then used in the Questionaire survey.
Respondents of the questionnaire survey came from a consumer panel of a different research
company. A screening process was conducted and eventually 20,531 meet the criteria, some groups
were taken and the questionaire completed. The majority of questions were designed to examine
whether peoples responses in the interviews were wide spread. The responses were discussed and
summarized and articulated graphically and the information was discussed to be provided to the target
audience. Still there is more work to be completed to develop messages on biomass generation on the
basis of results shown also finding easy ways to express difficult parts of biomass generation to the
audience. (Tagashira*& Senda 2011, P.8)

Article abstract,
In order to promote the production and use of electricity generated from the use of renewable
energy sources, support schemes such as the Renewable Portfolio Standard and various green power
programs have been implemented. When evaluating the costs and benefits associated with those
schemes, people need accurate information about the characteristics of renewable generation. The
objective of the present paper is to identify the kind of information to be provided to lay people in
Japan in order to enhance their understanding of biomass generation. We use the two-stage “mental
model” method to conduct open-ended interviews and questionaire survey to reveal people’s
beliefs about biomass power generation. From the survey results, it was identified the information
provided should include the following: (a) definitions of biomass and biomass generation, (b) specific
generation technologies, (c) the carbon neutral concept of biomass, (d) non-use of energy crops in
Japan, (e) sustainable availability of resources under certain conditions, and (f) high generation costs
with their causes, such as collection costs of resources. (Tagashira* Senda 2011, P.1)

I hope you can understand it because it is all too hard for me with M.E. degenerating brain.  Actually I was feeling a bit better this morning and I got a load of washing done and out and hair-washing before QBuild contractors came to paint the door they replaced yesterday.  They must have an injection of funds because they did Flora's too and I heard Karla had a new door and they finally came and removed the stump in the backyard too.  There is more talk about the asbestos fence being removed but Brian next door has to approve and luckily he will agree to nothing less than a solid colourbond fence.

I am vibrating again now with that strange feeling inside and the fluttery heart so here I am sitting my life away again.  At least I am not confined to bed - only sometimes.  It's a pity I won't be well enough for Cohen's gathering for his birthday but I am having a heart ECHO tomorrow anyway and an appointment with Fleur again on Thursday.  I was in a morbid mood last night and made this video.

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