Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter 2011

They arrived Good Friday after umming and arhing about it.  They left Gympie while I was having a quick dip at the local beach so I did not know they were actually coming for sure.  I was actually told to wait for another phonecall confirmation but I had waited and was not going to wait any longer.  I then went visiting and came home to find them here actually feeling pretty sure they would not come at all since it was so late in the day by then.  I missed seeing the message on Facebook because I was nowhere near the computer. 

The rest of the day went well, B bought Hungry Jacks for tea and then the drinking began.  They had until midnight before the club would open because it was Good Friday.  So there were all these mini dramas going on between him and her about involving a freind Lakota in the night but he would not return their calls.  It simply should have been a case of - he's not keen tonight but St was determined to try and find out why Lakota lied about losing his phone using it as an excuse not to have gotten their original message or missed call.  I won't explain it all.  Everything is just so childish but mostly based on St insecurities and she is plagued with them.  Someone with that many insecurities should not drink to get drunk because although the night club started off being fun, it did not end up that way and it turned into vengeance after B was seen "dirty dancing" with a girl while she meanwhile was chatting up other people.  I don't need to know any more.  Things just went from bad to worse between B and St and B said that he was coming back and called a taxi.  She didn't want to leave although the club was shut and they were only milling around the front of it.  While in the taxi, Br cruised past again and gave St a second chance to come home but she didn't take it.  He came home and went to bed.  He woke me when he came in and I was told the story.  He seemed to take it in his stride and said that she'd come home when she was ready.  Back to bed.

Cohen woke us up at around 8am.  Naturally B had not had enough sleep so it was a slow start to Easter Saturday.  I mucked around with Cohen a bit and made him a hot-cross bun which he liked but mini one was enough.  He seemed to prefer my chewable vit C next.  Come to think of it, he hardly ate any decent food and with both parents suffering the morning after blues, they did not have a meal all day.  Cohen did eat the chocolate Easter egg I gave him. 
Easter Present from Nanoo (early because they were not meant to be staying Easter Sunday)
He loves chocolate unlike Connor at the same age who only wanted the smarties out of the middle of the egg after the first bite of chocolate.  I had no fruit or anything for him except Powerade mix which everyone drank as fast as I could make a new batch.  It's all gone now.  Must get some more.  Am still using isotonic drinks to help with dizzies and low blood pressure but I am going to have a go at making my own.  I bought some potassium chloride.  But my blood pressure was not low this week anyway.  B and S both have spot on blood pressure around the 100 over 70.  Cohen screamed with fright when the arm band started moving even though he had been playing with the buttons.  There was no way he would put that thing on his arm.
On the way to recover Mummies handbag

One of the reasons they came down was to go to the beach Easter Saturday before leaving for home later in the day.  Stacey had to work Sunday.  But she wasn't back and we got really worried when B got a phonecall from St phone but the speaker on the other end was not St but the owner of the nightclub who had found the bag and all its contents plus her shoes out the front the previous night.  B asked me to drive them to pick it up and we got ready for the beach as well.  I was not going to let Cohen miss out on that!!!!!
Don't want to take my nappy off


I think all of us had fun at the beach despite B and I being pretty put out by St lack of appearance, the handbag incident and finding out that the police had no record of her being picked up.  They said to me "She has not been in our company for some time".

More to come

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