Friday, July 06, 2012

Cleaner Day

I started prepping the house for the cleaners yesterday but undid most of it over the next 24 hours so I have to do it again this morning.    That is the worst thing about HACC services.  They are not allowed to lift, bend or work.  That last one was a joke but it seems partially true to me.  But it does not make sense to me that I have to lift the vacuum cleaner up a step (and it's a heavy Kirby) from the garage or else leave it propped up against a wall all fortnight because I cannot manage it.  When I am well enough, I have to move furniture often just off to one side, so that they can get the vacuum cleaner in a spot that they didn't get to last time that they were here.  They don't move furniture so you can imagine the build-up of dust and spiderswebs and worse over time in places where the occupant does not have bursts of energy like I do.  No-one gets into corners so once in a blue moon I have to use the edge attachments regardless of the cleaners' efforts.

I have to move my Cosy Toes heater with it's trailing cord and many other cords in various rooms of the house have to be unplugged and rolled up out of the way.  The ipad and phone on charge, the massager, the bedside table which they will not move is better just dumped up on the bed temporarily etc etc.  Brian next door puts the chairs up on the table for them so they can get under easily.  I don't.  But you cannot help fearing that they will damage the wood work  because nobody cares for your own stuff like you do.  There are marks on things.

I'm just having a sit down before the next spurt when I will collect up things in my tiny bathroom so they can get to the basin and floor.  I wonder what they will do the big fluffy mat (of Auntie Betty's) which I have left in what is now the TV room.  I'd love to see it get vacuumed but they might lift it up to get at the lino underneath and wash that instead.  I wonder if they will do both.  It is not easy to vacuum getting sucked up all the time.

Speak of the devils, Kabbarli just phoned to see if I wanted cleaning done today because one of them saw trucks here yesterday. I guess Anita and Jodi were hoping for another day off.   It was just Unity Water putting in a driveway to the pumping station.  Last fortnight I cancelled because S was here and I could not deal with it all.  Actually I don't like cleaning days.  They are worse than wheelie bin days.  It's the deadlines and the uncertainty of when or even whether they are going to come.  They are just as likely to cancel because they have a function of their own.  And when I am really sick I hate them coming, the last thing I want to do is smell smells, hear noises and be embarrassed by my lack of being able to pick up the cords and the foot stools etc but it is a catch 22 when you need things cleaned.

Today turns out to be fine with no sign of the rain I heard about so if it wasn't for the cleaners coming, I could well be out of here doing something but on second thoughts, I really do need to take it easy today and stop myself from ducking out before they come.  I can hear my body complaining but I could ignore it.  I know I feel both tired and roaring to go at the same time but each time I get up and do a few things, it becomes more obvious that my heart is straining.  Today I will be able to sit in the garage while the cleaners do their whirlwind half hour splash around. What they can gain in speed means they get to knock off early and they will be thinking "Thank God it's Friday". I don't think I need will need to sprawl in the car again but I know my body is going to be demanding intermittent horizontal times today.  Will get one horizontal in before they come. My back is sore just sitting up straight to type this at the desktop.  My gut is sore from doing too much yesterday and because I am wearing PJ's.  It's warming up though and soon I will be sitting in front of the sun streaming in the front door.  My glands are up a little more today too but all in all, so far,  I will survive! 

The reason I was thinking of "ducking out" was to get to K-Mart with that darn top S bought me.  The stand of $8 clothes is probably gone by now anyway but I never did tell you that the next replacement ended up being back to a size 12 top again.  I did not get my size 14 but I bet there were none. I often wear size 16 tops nowadays.   I'll keep it for you Mum if you like black with white little polka dots.  I'd better wear it once or twice in front of him but it is not the weather for it yet.

Yep, definitely feeling it today.  Heart racing more just from eating breakfast.  That happens a lot.  Digestion must put quite a strain on our bodies when it is already straining.  This urinary tract thing going on is driving me a bit nuts too.  I am trying to avoid taking the antibiotics until I get the results tomorrow (hopefully) because I get so many gut problems from most antibiotics and then will be likely to end up with thrush as well, all getting sorted just in time for the colonoscopy diet but something which I hope is not going to have to happen.  I have noticed in the past that once I have antibiotics and then finish them, I am even more likely to catch something and more likely to need them again.  Generally I avoid them but Dr Craig yesterday was not so sure I should about this but agreed to me waiting till tomorrow.  Something sure is playing up but I have not got "burning"....just urgency and frequency and pains down both sides (tubes).  Sample looked clear not cloudy and I don't have a temp.

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