Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lots of Lavage

This is getting really bad.  I only had 1 litre of Colonlytely last night from 6pm and I did not start moving my bowel until 7.30pm but it has not stopped since and the instructions say it lasts 4 hours.  At 4am I got up to have a cup of coffee so I put the kettle on before I headed to the toilet but I did not make it out of the kitchen.  It came uncontrollably in pulses while I just stood there.  I was wearing leggings (the only loose pair I have).  I couldn't believe it...after all this time, the diarrhea should have stopped.  I had to have a shower.

So now I am more worried than ever about getting up to the hospital without having an "accident".  I think I will be wearing a pair of 'Depend' incontinence pants.  I now have to drink 2-3 litres of lavage solution and have the diarrhea stop before 12 midday.  Do the maths.  10 hours from 6pm to first 'accident'.  It is 5.30am.   Add 10 hours and at least double the quantity of Colonlytely.  Now you can see why I worry.

You had better tell Mum that those pains I had last night on the phone only lasted half an hour.  She just rang at the wrong time and I had to hang up fast and run in the end.  I knew being 'backed up' was not going to go well once I started drinking the goop even though the 3pm laxatives did nothing, but I survived and could stop worrying about bowel obstruction half an hour later.
Fishing with my Dad on Port Phillip Bay

For the record:
  • Do not necessarily expect a bowel motion (bm) after the tablets and magnesium citrate.
  • bm started properly about an hour and a half after drinking first litre of Colonlytely.
  • Avado (or Avano?) organics Nipple Care Balm (60ml) tube has worked well with no extra irritation.  It is all natural and contains certified organic sunflower oil, certified organic beeswax, certified organic avocado oil, certified organic Calendula-infused sunflower oil, and natural vitamin E.  It smells like honey. Very difficult to get out of the tube in Winter.  Leave some out on a dish.
  • Other essentials include hypoallergenic baby wipes between each bm
  • Do not bother setting up entertainment in the toilet apart from a radio because there is no time to use an ipad etc.  You no sooner finish and you are off to the bathroom to dab, clean, smear and wash hands.  You no sooner finish that and you are back on the toilet.
  • Have lots of hand towels because you will be washing your hands a lot and wet towels are not nice.  A hand barrier cream is a good idea too.
  • Leg warmers for Winter (not leggings).
  • I am not an apple juice fan but a shot of apple or apple-pear juice used as a chaser after each glass of Lavage solution (Colonlytely) was welcome.  Have it poured ready so a quick exit can be made if needed.
  • Drink hot water after magnesium citrate solution because it takes all your body heat and cold water only makes it worse.  You are instructed to drink a litre of water at that time.
  • Hot drinks, black coffee, tea, Bonox, water are preferable to cold drinks in between Lavage solution too (if you can fit it in - all the liquid is very bloating ) which also lowers your body temp due to loss of electrolytes.
  • I was not hungry when drinking all the liquid at night and in the morning but I am now (9am)

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