Friday, July 06, 2012

Killing Time

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The cleaner is gone now.  Only Jodi came today.  I am getting a few photos from the camera memory card and I really wanted to show you this.  S gets around with this suitcase full of food as he tries to find his home.  He asked me if he could have it and I wonder if it looks familiar to you?

It sure has been around.  Look closely on the next photo and you will see who once used to own it.

It was probably yours Mum before it was Aunty Betty's.  I must have left Melbourne with it.  I guess it ended up in Jandowae if not Perth, then Toowoomba, over to the Coast here and now it is in Kin Kin waiting to go to Brisbane.

While I am at the photo folder, here's some more:

Gone back to "bright" for my Winter bedroom.  I used to hate this set.  I like it again now.
New Bitumen finally on the road
This one is a surprise I found while sorting and cleaning up.  It was inside one of the kids' books about motorbikes.  I suspect B actually.  It must have been there for years!!!  I might go and smoke it!

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