Thursday, July 05, 2012

Adrenaline No No

Yesterday I remained in high stress mode, heart pumping, waiting for the Pre- admission clinic to be over, until I got so bored and uncomfortable having to sit and wait for 2 1/2 hours before I got called up to get the blood tests, see the nurse to get my history and get an EEG and finally finish with the anaethetist, that I had turned into an unfeeling zombie.  I wasn't the only one that was slouching towards the end.  The clinic was packed. Each with their own story.

I asked Karla to drop me off and pick me up after I phoned. She dropped me there at 1pm and I got home at half past four. She phoned the hospital twice wondering why I was taking so long. I didn't really want her to do that because each time staff would have to come and notify me. I found out she is hospital phobic so I will not ask her again, not that she stepped outside the car. I was trying to pace by not being forced to walk too far from the car had I driven myself.

I met a lady there who I thought I recognized and would you believe it was Jo-ann White from Edwin St where we walked on our way to school. She remembered the same teachers from Box Hill North Primary School and the horse in the paddock on the corner. It is strange but I do not remember the kind of friendship we had, if any. She has a new name now. She wants to keep in touch. I won't be putting in much effort because she lives in Nambour.

Today I got off to a slow start as usual but I could not stop the pace once I had started. I have done more today than I've done in one single day for so long and I guess I could be riding an adrenaline high triggered by all the nerves yesterday. I wonder how tomorrow will be?

I started tidying up, started cooking tea, went to get my hair cut and go to the doctor for a urine test, raced out to Pelican to get money out via a 5 minute race around Coles. It is so great not having problems from being upright for too long. But I am not up to standing still for long.

I was getting that telltale warning feeling but I kept going without feeling yuk for too long. I dyed my newly cut hair and it looks pretty orange to me. Especially on the central greys. Bright orange. I felt pushed into that by the weather forecast which was predicting rain for a week (again). What ever happened to dry Winters in Queensland?

I hope tomorrow is not a Pre payback day. I am in a lot of pain tonight but I'm handling it.  I've just got to do the darn wheelie bins because I did some pruning today too.

June 20th
For Mum who thinks I hurt more because  my weight is a huge burden on my body.  Note the Genie bra, however most days even it hurts so you will still catch me braless all too frequently.  Sorry Mum.  Blame fibromyalgia.

S has passed through here twice on his way to and from a night in Brisbane. He is hoping he is selected to share at one particular house. He wants to move in case you haven't guessed. Kin Kin doesn't do it for him but I won't let him move in here except as a visitor. It is the same next door. Flora's daughter comes every weekend because Flora cannot live with her for long but there must be a safety with mothers they feel. T is bipolar. S keeps asking if he can move in. And I'm too tired to finish.

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