Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Endoscopy Eve

Talk about anxiety - no let's not talk about it but this heart racing is more nerves than POTS which has been behaving itself relatively speaking if I do not trigger another relapse from all the pacing I have done.  My mind cannot function like this when I have more than one thing to think about at a time so all the phone arrangements are over now and I get back to doing one thing at a time.  I am mixing up Colonlytely to drink. Only 1 litre of it today for the "afternoon" protocol.

I phoned the day surgery for my arrival time as instructed this morning and it seems I am first off the ranks tomorrow afternoon with Professor Sorrentino as my surgeon who is the guy Dr Peter Nash (rheumatologist) referred me to.  He sure looks nice and seems to be into Crohn's research going by that link.  

I'll be eating my last meal soon but I am not very hungry right now - I bet I am by tonight though.  I drink some magnesium citrate and take 3 biscodyl at 3 o'clock so from then on I cannot really count on getting a free (from the toilet) stretch of time so I had better start setting up the things I need down that end of the house.  I had given up trying to find something that did not irritate down there for the most part and was going to settle on paw paw ointment or vaseline until I found an expensive tube of nipple cream - all natural oils and beeswax.  You know how sore I get.

Drinking the goop starts at 6pm but because I am considered "afternoon"  I get to drink the bulk of it tomorrow which could mean that I will get to sleep tonight for a few hours before starting again at 6am.  I think I will aim for 5am but my morning gag reflex is going to be hindrance so maybe I will let my body wake up for an hour and get up at 4am.  I am worried that I will still be "going" by the time I have to leave for hospital.  At least it is only up the road and Jan will be taking me there and dropping me off.  But starting an hour early may give me some more peace of mind.  I have to fit in a shower and clean clothes before I go up to the hospital too which means I am going to need some "off the toilet" time.

I guess once I am there things will happen fairly quickly if I am first but I am more worried about the bowel effects at home here more than anything and whether I will remember to say what I want to say when I speak to the surgeon.

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