Sunday, July 08, 2012

Yesterday's Crash

Yesterday, I was going to post how well I was feeling considering it was 48 hours post hospital clinic day.  I had no sign of difficulty just doing my slow morning routine of coffee, computer and breakfast and a shower.  So I decided that although I was feeling tired I would go to Aldi and then drop off a little package for Connor and who knows what else?

By the time I got upstairs to Aldi (via a lift) carrying my handbag, my camping stool and 2 empty recycle bags I knew I was mistaken about being well enough for this.  I reminded myself that I could sit down on my stool if only I would. I meandered up the central aisle where the everything but food items were.  I was looking for the leggings.  Something I could or would have to hack at its waistband because I cannot wear any sort of pressure on my stomach.  That always means something cheap.  I am still convinced that nothing can I wear!!! Clothes Hurt

Today, after coming home and crashing in bed after yesterday, I was brave enough to go out with Jan for lunch only because the opportunity was there.  We were both starving and I had been helping her with her new laptop this morning.  I was offering Easy Mac but we ended up dining on Barramundi and prawns with garlic cream sauce.  We splurged a little for us at our socioeconomic level and I think that is what we wanted to do today.  More so Jan, but I did not want to let her down.  She was driving and we just went as we were.  All very impromptu.  I tried to back out of it at one stage but I went.  I was wearing a nice skirt and ugg boots but the skirt was already becoming uncomfortably tight and I had already hitched it up over my boobs until that became uncomfortable and sore and had also tried rolling the waste band down so the looser part of the skirt was giving me more freedom to breath without skin and tight fabric making contact.  but you know how it is when you are engaged in conversation.  You put up with things.  So I went out with an uncomfortable skirt and came home with uncomfortable wind soon to be followed by cramps and diarrhea.  Was it the eating with a skirt on or the garlic cream sauce that caused that sudden episode?  That is the question.

Back to crashing at Aldi yesterday.  I felt "horrible" - racing heart, light-headed with a compelling desire to drop down to a squat whenever I stopped to look at something.  I wanted to try a pair of those ski pants on with braces which were reduced half price or more because I really need something thermal to wear on the scooter in Winter if I am every going to go out in a Southerly wind or more precisely South Easter.  The one the fishermen dread.  We get a lot of them so it made sense to at least try the XL but there was no way I could push myself to.  I moved and felt a little better but I was desperate to sit down.  I find a corner and plonked on the stool for a few minutes and then decided that I would have to head straight for the checkouts with what I had grabbed already.  The queue was long so I had to keep shuffling along on my camping stool.  I got some looks.  It should have been a scooter day but it was too cold to use the scooter to make a half hour trip into an hour and a half trip.  Once I had got back to the car and sat I wasn't light-headed but all this over-exertion had now become ammunition for another crash in another 48 hours time.   I was not really suffering while I was sitting in the car so I drove off to deliver my little package to Connor.  It was nothing but it now included a microwave popcorn just bought from Aldi as I headed to the checkouts.  NO-one answered the door in Edmund Street so I hoped that they were not going to be away for long and allow the package to remain in the letter box all night or even longer.  It rained last night and it will rain again tomorrow.  I sent an SMS to the phone number that I had for Ange to let her know that there was a parcel in the letter "any".  Yes, letter any.  Stupid predictive text on the mobile phone would not let me type "box".

After delivering Connor's parcel I came straight home.  There was no way I was going to be able to get to Dick Smith without being stupid.  If I came home and rested in bed for the rest of the day I had half a chance at an OK tomorrow.  So that's what I did and I finally saw the benefit of having a TV in my bedroom.  I needed that electric blanket.  I was cold to the bone and it took two hours sitting on it at it's highest setting before I began to become conscious of beginning to overheat.  One less stress to cope with now that the body temperature had sorted itself out. I had a pretty restless night because I had to keep getting up to go to the toilet.

I have been having the symptoms of a urinary tract infection but my urine sample showed no sign of bacteria which means I did not have to get a prescription for antibiotics filled yesterday.  Dr Craig asked me to phone yesterday for the results.  The problem is that this pain has been going on for a couple of weeks along with the other urinary tract symptoms except for burning pain and having a fever.  I have pain down my tubes - I don't know what it is but it can be very sharp.  I have pain under my ribcage still and all that is connected with the heart day in the ambulance.  It seems I am accumulating more and more pain and each pain syndrome is just as inexplicable as the next.  It seems interstitial cystitis is part of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndromes. The only way to be diagnosed with it is by exclusion which means lots of bladder tests and biopsies and scopes just to find out you have got something that used to be classified as hysteria (again). Maybe symptomatic relief via a GP is still better than going through the process of getting diagnosed since they will culminate in the same treatment.  There's never any cure for "syndromes" coming out of medical circles so symptomatic relief is all you can get.

Irritable bowel syndrome has a similar diagnostic path.  You get barium enemas, scopes, swallow pill cameras, and send off stool samples before you are diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome.  If you never had the investigations that proved there was nothing wrong, you would never be able to say you had irritable bowel syndrome?  The system seems corrupt.

To me it just proves that the autonomic nervous system or vascular system must be involved because nothing else is finding answers. Speaking of vascular.  This year I have a lot of angiomas in my skin.  I keep forgetting to mention that to anyone.  Back in the past in the Private Health Insurance Days, George Tucker would have noted that sign as predictive of liver problems.  I don't think they ever found any problems with liver function blood tests then but angioectasias of the stomach is also vascular without there being any implication of liver involvement. I wonder if I have any new angioectasias in my duodenum since the last lot were laser sealed via argon plasma.  I guess they will get looked at on 18th too.  And then there is that gastric lump they found.  It has been a few years and I hope that it has not grown.  They ended up calling it a pancreatic rest do you remember after the GIST scare?

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