Sunday, August 05, 2012

He can get his license back

Alcohol Ignition Program

B can get his license back now.  He has done the time, paid the fine, for the second time.  However there's a catch he did not know about.  I had not heard of it either.  In order to drive the car, it has to be fitted with a breathalyzer.  He has to pay for that and then rent it at $150 a month for the next twelve months.  It is part of getting an I license which he will have to display for 3 years.  You have to pay for that.  It is going to be a couple of thousand dollars so I gave him a whole $50 for his 29th birthday on Friday.  I think the idea of having him or anyone else blow a clean breathalyzer before the ignition will work on the car is great.  I am not sure if it need be that expensive.  It could feel "out of reach" to many unemployed because of the expense and if it is not used because many can't afford it then it can't be used to train people can it? It can also be used as an excuse not to get a job.  I thought B would have been more likely than anyone to say, forget it, I'll go without a license.  He went without a car license for years and then without a car.  But he has his eye on working at an engineering works in Maryborough which is 20 minutes away (I reckon it was longer than that when we went to HB).  He needs a license and he obviously has Stac's blessing to have the car fitted because it sounds like he plans to do step one as soon as he has the money.  To get the setup costs he is planning to do the jobs that people want him to do back at Kin Kin with Roger no doubt doing the travelling.  There is nevertheless a train for most of the journey.  They can sort it out.

I'll write about what Dr Jo said about what tests were done another time maybe but she was no help; her recommendation of pear juice for constipation I'll tell you now.

S drove straight back down as soon as the cab ute was registered.  He begged to move in again but this time just for a month.  He has something due for Uni tomorrow and he needed the Internet so here he has been since Thursday.  We lock horns then go our own separate ways again in between some pleasant stuff.  It is not all bad but I am sure he costs me more than I can afford the energy to be vigilant about.  I'm mainly speaking about leaving lights on and heaters going.  I can't be vigilant because I spent my energy seeing Connor on Friday night and taking S to Currimundi for breakfast yesterday morning.  By the time I had walked back to the car from checking out the ocean I knew I was in for some serious payback.  It was a path walk, not even sand mostly.  So short, broken by a sit-down while admiring the ocean and soaking the sun.  But now I keep feeling like I want to pass out once I have spent too long upright.  Even sitting at the computer; so I have been mainly in bed ever since I got home yesterday morning.  The same thing happened after seeing the doctor.  It's the same story.  Not realising how little energy I had left in store.  Not spending enough time saving up energy.  Over and over.  And all doc Jo could say is that I was deconditioned and needed to work up gradually.  Wow, she's a big help.  She also said take Losec again and forget about the IBD clinic's FODMAP diet, gluten and eat what I like.  The Losec is for the gastric inflammation that was found but there is no explanation as to why it is there or why they call the same lump three different names.  She doesn't care enough to even offer me the serum coeliac test or for once just work at nutting something out together.  I really care about the post-entertainment fainting and I wish someone else would.

Dr Jo has no idea if I was tested for Whipple's disease.

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