Wednesday, August 22, 2012

He left for Brisbane and Starch Intolerance

S has been here since Sunday.  I asked him not to come until Monday but still he came Sunday which could have been embarrassing had Jan decided to stay.  She was thinking about avoiding the party at her units by staying here but she stayed at home mainly because I wasn't well.  Still.  Have been sleeping for several hours every day and feeling very unmotivated and heavy to move my body about.  I have had a lot of anxiety again like someone flipped the switch back on.  It's a horrible feeling.

S was debating (with himself mostly) whether he should go to this share house in Zilmere.  He has been talking to himself out loud but in a mumble so I cannot understand what is being said.  He was obviously worried sick.  That did not help me either.  I worry for him.  However he had already wired the rent into the owner's account and was not likely to get it back so I thought he should give it a go.  By this morning he had decided he was better off going back to Kin Kin because he cannot get ahead paying rent and at his Dad's that isn't much of a problem.  If he hasn't got it, he does not have to pay.  He's worried about the car too which is just not really roadworthy despite it getting registered.

Either way he was going to be leaving here today and in the end, he decided to go to Brisbane.  He sure took his time in getting going until suddenly...."I'm going".  I was on edge until he left and then collapsed into bed for a sleep.

I am supposed to be going for a 50th birthday lunch at Bellvista Tavern tomorrow.  I think I might be able to go but I bet I have to leave some starch on my plate.  I have been having so many gut problems lately that I decided to go on a low starch diet to see if it helps.  It has been hard going without bread, rice, potatoes and cereal not to mention other vegetables and living basically on meat, eggs, tomatoes, fish, milk and almond meal.  The latter can be turned into a form of biscuit or muffin if you can afford it.  No starch to speak of.  I made 12 biscuits.  I had some almonds and just blended them up into meal.  Mixed with oil, bicarb and honey or golden syrup with a few date bits chucked in and baked for 10 mins was quite nice and great when I felt like something heavy but I am relaxing the diet now by introducing some starch.  I seem to have gotten away with a sachet of porridge without getting any bloating back but I am still not totally pain-free.  It seems to have stopped the extended stomach I get  though.  So I think I have a starch intake limit that I must not exceed.  I ate tapioca and stewed apple today too without blowing up.  I can't keep it up just eating meat three times a day though. I lost my appetite for meat quite quickly after the first couple of days.   It is also very hard to not have something flat to put things on - to spread avocado on for instance and the only thing I found suggested was melting cheese into crisps.  Lots of cornstarch, potato starch, rice flour and other thickeners in so many foods it is a very difficult diet.  But so is going maltose-free.

In case you had not noticed, I added some photos to the previous blog.

Kings Beach from the headland
Connor Monkey

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