Friday, August 17, 2012

Not too good post-virus

I haven't been any good since that last walk to the Currimundi Lake Surf Life Saving Tower with Scott.

Before breakfast at Currimundi Lake I was at the stage that I was able to get out if I was prepared to pay for it with a couple or three down days.  I have not got back to that level unfortunately.  At first it was the usual post-fun crash but somewhere along the line I decided that the wanting to throw up with dizziness on being upright - even sitting - was a virus making things much worse than usual in the head.  The waves of nausea were much more frequent and totally overwhelming as you probably guessed when you saw me sliding down onto the floor from my web-cam chair.  I was a bit better the next day from that perspective and that kind of dizziness and nausea has continued to improve but now an overwhelming fatigue has indicated the chronic phase is here.  I just hope it does not last for months.  Jan had this dizzy and throwing up on standing bug too.  She doesn't think she is 100% still but at least she was able to get back out amongst it after a couple of days in bed.  Flora said she was not well and was getting really dizzy from standing as well.  And then there was the sore throat S had.  I have a bit of a sore throat too.  And I have had several days of stomach problems ever since having pear juice.  I still don't know what to eat and I am not getting enough food I don't think.  I made a quick chicken soup for tea but my gut is already burning up to my throat.  I think the colonoscopy caused a delayed reaction there too.  I wasn't even needing the Losec before the colonoscopy.  Not so now.

It seems like I'll never get up to see B and Cohen and I am worried that B (and S) thinks I am not making enough of an effort.  He has not really seen how I have deteriorated to the point that I don't get good "weeks" any more.  It seems I may have to wait a while longer for a good day too.  I know Jan will find it hard to wait because we were talking about a weekend away and she really wanted to organize a BBQ with me down at a park or something.  I was hopeful that perhaps after I shook this virus I would be ready to go back to one day on three days off.  When I say on - I mean being able to get out for a couple of hours and act normally.

Anyway, I am back to hoping for scooter days instead of walking days but for now I am getting much worse body aches and the blurry eyes are back not to mention the burning that is fairly normal nowdays.  I do not want to get to the stage that I am blacking out the windows which I have had to do before.  Things are tough.

Pulled up in the car at Caloundra Head and heard this.

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