Sunday, August 26, 2012

Scooter Dayz

Yesterday, I took the scooter for a long ride.  I didn't feel well enough to get into the garden or housework and my mood has not been brilliant so I hoped that the outing would perk me up a bit.  I followed the water all the way around to the start of Happy Valley stopping on the fisherman's boardwalk at Bullcock Beach to watch the old guys catching Black Bream along with the rest of the tourists.  It was busy and lively and just what I needed to get my mind off myself. 
There were some hairy paths on the coastal walk and I found out why even the main street paths are never flat but always tilting one way or the other.  It is to create a water course for rain runoff.  From Bullcock Beach I headed up the incline that was the street marking the half-way point crossroad down town Caloundra.  I was finally in a shopping precinct able to browse clothes racks that were out the front of shops without having to stand up.  I could not get inside any shops with the scooter because they are just not designed for it.  I did not really feel comfortable leaving the scooter outside the shops but I did when I decided to duck in to our little Dick Smith for a packet of batteries.  It also means carting all the gear that is in the basket or hanging bag into the shop so that it does not get stolen.  I had a picnic blanket, water bottle and cushion etc with me.

I had a bit of a yarn with a shop keeper which was so easy because I did not have to stand up.  Usually I am trying to cut conversations short even out the front of my own house because I hate standing still so much and I know Brian has been the victim of me being short.  The scooter therefore has a positive effect on social interaction.  Not to mention the many "Good morning" greetings you always get going along the main coastal walking path at Golden Beach.
This is where I parked for a sit on the towel today looking over to where I was yesterday

It was a lovely day again today and I had no money to go to the shops so I headed off on the scooter again.  I just went to the water front locally today, sat on a towel for a while on the grass listening to the radio and just watching people go by.  I felt lonely today and just like I was simply killing time waiting to feel well enough to do something more active (like the housework or gardening) without risking a relapse.  The sun was nice but maybe I would have been better off spending some more time in bed.  I feel a bit 'dead dog'. 
This last photo (via mobile phone) coming up next was on my way back home via a side arm of the Mangrove Boardwalk.  A good place to go if I want a bit more privacy.  There seems to be so much more mud flat than there ever used to be here.  Perhaps it is because it has silted up here that when we get those King Tides, the water often rises over the boardwalk itself.  You know Karla is extremely worried her house will be swallowed up by the water.  But today, the tide was so low, the water was a long way away.
Showers are predicted for tomorrow and I am getting a skin check tomorrow afternoon so there won't be any scooting I will assume.

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