Friday, August 10, 2012

The Lightning Process Nymph

Hope Mum gets a laugh

Thanks to Tom Kindlon I'm feeling much better today after a little brain washing.  No, but I was doing some sorting out yesterday which is a step up from spending too much time in bed.  I didn't go out on the scooter or anywhere.  Played it safe.

The following was provided to me via email from this email digest

It originally appeared weare3forme's posterous

February 23, 2011

The Lightning Process and ME

We are 3 friends who tweet from
@WeAre3ForME in honour of our friend
with severe ME.

Our friend, let's call him X, has been ill
for 8 years now after catching a virus.

X wanted to tell of his experience of the
Lightning Process, after the coverage in
The Times yesterday.

In the 3rd year of being ill, X was under
pressure from family to try the Lightning
Process. Since they offered to pay, he
agreed to it, thinking that it would be
worth a shot if it had worked for other
people. He describes himself as having
moderate-severe ME back then.

Before you go on a Lightning Process
course, you have to sign a form saying
you won't disclose the actual details of
what the Lightning Process actually is.
They say that this is because it is a 3
day course and it needs to be explained
properly. So we can't say what it
involves exactly, but suffice to say, X
says it actually could be explained in
5-10 minutes.

X was with a trained practioner, who
confirmed that X had learnt the process
properly and was doing it correctly.

Basically it was a type of brainwashing.
They tell you that you're not allowed to
say that you're ill anymore or that you
have any symptoms. They force you to
ignore the symptoms because they say
that the symptoms don't really exist.

They force you to do activities even
though it's making you really ill, but
you're not allowed to say so.

They are very good at getting vulnerable
patients to believe all of this. They
dress up all their explanations and make
it sound like science.

X was so desperate to get better so
started to do more and was gradually
increasing his activity, all the while
practising the Lightning Process.

He was getting more and more ill but he
thought he just had to keep practising
the Lightning Process and things would

His body was becoming more and more
damaged by the activity. To cut a long
story short, a few months later, X was
in hospital bed-bound. He kept on
blacking out if he tried to do anything at

Doctors found it odd that he kept saying
that he wasn't ill at all. He could barely
move yet he kept saying that there was
nothing wrong with him. That's how
deep the brainwashing was.

Thankfully, a very wise doctor snapped
him out of it.

The doctor showed X PET and SPECT
scans of X's brain (commonly abnormal
in ME patients). The doctor showed him
X's cardiomyopathy (also common in ME
patients). Confronted with these facts,
X finally realised the extent of the

This is what he wrote soon afterwards:

"I feel like I have come out of a daze - I
think I was brainwashed by the lightning
process. Part of it was that I wasn't
allowed to say or even think I was ill, so
there I was telling everyone that I was
feeling better when I was actually
feeling so ill. It was all an act.

It's all a bit confusing now really. How
could I have fallen for it, hook line and
sinker? I'm cross with myself that I
actually believed some of the lightning
process stuff - I guess I was just so
desperate to get better.

I still get angry when I even think of the
Lightning Process. It has made me
bedbound, when before I was merely
housebound. I am so angry that even I,
who has a degree in Physics, could be
this hoodwinked.

They are very subtle and clever at what
they do and prey on vulnerable patients
who would do anything/ believe
anything in order to get better."

This is the reality

The Lightning Process Cures Piles

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