Sunday, October 28, 2012

Faster Crash Recovery

I'm pleased to say that I am having more good days lately because I am recovering faster from any backsliding due to over-doing it.  It still may only be one day active enough to get out or do gardening and two days resting but that is a big improvement over weeks going by stuck here.  Today is a recovery day with increased pain levels, glands, headache, etc etc because yesterday I was quite active  washing the car, doing housework (I smashed a glass), washing laundry, ducking up to the shops and the day before I also was quite active so I got two days.  Yesterday I was still feeling good enough to continue on with living but I could not be sure how I would be if I did any more so I took the scooter out for a ride and resisted the urge to go for a walk.  It turned out to be a wise choice because I can tell I need to go slow today and I am back on the pain killers after a couple of days break.

I'll be trying very hard to pace myself between now and Wednesday when I will be going to see Dr Andrew and hopefully get an explanation about my thyroid tests and a reconfirmation about the adrenals since I have a copy of that test to take with me.  It will be way too early to discuss the Lyme testing because I do not expect that back for ages.

I worry about coming to visit for Christmas because I am so easily swept up in the moment if I am feeling even half OK and tend to disregard my warning symptoms and also from the point of view of my diet.  Also, S has made noises recently about "turning up on my doorstep" and he has already refused to go to his Dad's now that B is there.  But I also worry that I worry too much. LOL.  How would you like S to come for Christmas too, then I would not have to think of him taking over here?

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