Sunday, October 21, 2012

Just Family Stuff with Photos

Did I tell you B is living at his Dad's now?  I think he is leaving all his furniture for St to have when she moves in December.  He was going to go back and get his computer.  All I was told is that they were not getting on well enough not that they considered themselves a couple.  I think he would go back to HB if he could find a job but he has not been able to and is considering going back to Widgee Welding.  The Blackbutt job has been discarded.  He's been with his Dad since last weekend unless something has changed again already.  He phoned me from there but I was disappointed when the reason for the call was for a loan till Monday.  I wasn't going to help him go out and get drunk which was probably his plan.
Connor came over for an hour and a half after school on Friday

It turns out that he "owns" the car that was given to both of them at the time although St says he still owes her for her half.  I think the furniture would more than cover it.  He was paying that package deal off.  He still can't drive the car because it has not been set up according to regulation but now that his Dad is involved things could happen faster.
Connecting his ipod to my Internet to update games etc
S is not going to move to the place he had planned to on the 20th (yesterday).  They would not accept a bond loan or something so he is still in the second place.  He is getting a bit more work during the week and not just on the weekends at the car wash.  He speaks to Connor on the phone and he was the one that arranged the visit with me.  I think he wanted more of an excuse to call and he asked me to text him when C was here so that he could phone back on his mobile and speak with him (with the speakerphone off) but C said to me "Don't you think Dad has been acting a bit strange lately?"  I don't know what he meant.  He was more interested in the games and he did not even move off the banana lounge while he was here.
He has really badly chapped lips
 S still says so many weird things when he messages me on Facebook that most of the time I don't know what he means.  I'm supposed to cue him for something.  No idea. He said he is speaking to someone else too and something about a scholarship.  Whatever it is, it is worrying him.
No more photos please Nanoo
I met Xavier for the first time when Ange and the family came to pick up C and head off to Sizzler in Maroochydore.  He has the same look as Esha, not at all like C.  A's Facebook page had a photo the other day saying he had just rolled over by himself for the first time.  She also told me that Connor was recently bitten by several ticks.  He had four of them.  I was surprised that she knew nothing about Lyme disease.  I could barely tell her the basics - about preventative antibiotics because they were in a hurry but she promised to look it up and I sent a link and a  message telling her I knew a doctor on the Coast who was Lyme literate.  I don't think he has been sick from it.  I can't help but worry if he doesn't get any antibiotics soon.

Anyway, I had better go and lie down for a while.  Feeling a bit weak and wobbly and I have to get there to the doc tomorrow regardless.

UPDATE: "scholarship" is the name of a book he is currently writing although he spells it his own way

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