Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Third move in Brisbane coming up

It was S on the phone last night that cut our call short.  I have never figured out how to do conference calls on the portable phone but it would have been a good opportunity.  He asked for Zena's phone number so that he could call you both but I suppose he didn't because by the end of our call he decided that he had had enough of talking on the phone.  He may call tonight if you are lucky.

I found out that he was no longer at Crowley St and I had just forwarded on mail that morning.  He does not seem to mind going back to pick it up. 

I found out that he plans to move again so he did not bother telling me where he actually was living.  Another share house.

I found out that he only works about 4 hours a week at the car wash.

I found out that he plays Soccer on Sundays near where he used to live.

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