Monday, October 22, 2012

Rheumy thinks I should exercise

Rheumy thinks I should exercise otherwise the fibromyalgia will cause more and more deconditioning. Pfft to his suggestion. I do too much too soon when I am we'll enough just trying to lead a normal life. And we all know what happens. Now my GP will never get me a disability parking permit. Yes he said go slow, don't hurt myself etc but he does not see post exertion relapses as part of ME yet he says all my symptoms even blurry eyes are fibromyalgia aside from the gut and thyroid. He prescribed Endep low dose and Neurontin for fibromyalgia and I already have the Tramadol. That's how he treats it . End of story. No more appointments for what I was sent for in the first place. I'm back on my own experimenting with the meds.

As for my gut, he was annoyed Stephanie nurse practitioner played doctor and I didn't get to have a proper consultation with a gastroenterologist before I went under or post procedure. He has not even got a copy of the colonoscopy report so I had to tell him. He wants me to demand to see a gastro. He is annoyed because he referred me to a public one but that I was denied access. Otherwise he wants me to go private which is huge big bucks.

Going by the copies of the reports I have about my thyroid, he ordered a thyroid scan with dye which I am having tomorrow afternoon at Warana at Lakeview Imaging. I half expected Dr Andrew to take things to the next level with my thyroid so this is probably a good thing to already have done before I see him. That way I can get my results when I see him next since I made sure that he will be getting a copy.

As for Lyme disease, the rheumatologist refuses to believe people can have Borrelia infection unless they felt getting bitten and got the rash. Seems he has not met some of my friends online nor does he seem to know that ticks inject an anaesthetic precisely so you can't feel the bite. Especially the tiny nymphs. Who's to say they have not been filled and already dropped off before being seen. In fact it is by their third and fourth meal of blood that they are more likely to release the Borrelia spirochetes and co-infections assuming they themselves are infected with them.

As for the testing, he says Westmead is the most accurate. Others would disagree. I had heard about false negatives but he says false positives are common. I'm just passing on his opinion. I don't think the state of medical expertise in Australia is to be trusted for the most part and it won't be until the Government back Lyme research and at least get in line with the rest of the world.

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