Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween House Re-shuffle

S has signed up for a much cheaper share house in Boondall and picks up the keys on Halloween.

B is moving back to take over St's lease on Halloween. Aiden, her brother will stay there with B but St will be moving out herself in a few days. She has found a place of her own which is furnished and is happy to have someone take over the lease. B is much happier to be closer to his boy.

There seems to have been great dividends from getting truck work and not having to pay rent while B has been at his Dad's these couple of weeks. The car is going to be fitted out with the required gear on Halloween too. R will be driving to HB, then taking B in his car back to Maryborough, then getting a Relative on his ex's side to run him back to HB and his car. Meanwhile B will have to wait 3 hours for the job to be completed and then he can drive home. An added bonus to the day will be an interview for B at a boat building business where he hopes to work. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a happy Halloween.

I had a bad crash day yesterday following on from wrestling with Herringbone Fern which has taken over the yard. My 20 minute effort was too much despite there hardly being a dent in its clumping. It was compounded with gut problems and pain all day.

Today (31st) is no good for me so far. Feeling faint and still have gut problems so I think I may have to cancel going to the doctor.


irene speaks said...

I find that to be the weirdest thing: too sick to see your doctor. I despise that feeling.
On the other hand, I often laugh that if ONLY hubby could go to gyno for me, or get mammogram for me. He's often had to go in for me to GP, etc, b/c I was too ill to go to various specialists yet thing needed to be updated.
Just as an example: I've not had a mammogram in 7 years because I'm too sick to get one, and it was a 7 year lapse for the one before that! If only we had the "good old days" when your doctor could admit you to the hospital and all the consultants would come to you and everyone would be on the same page within a few days. Now that "same page" phenomenon and getting to the root of a few problems takes months and even years. What kind of idiotic thinking is it that the powers-that-be don't allow for hospital stays only until you reach the almost-fatal stage, no exaggeration? Ugh!
Irene xx

ZzirF said...

You are right about hospital admissions only focussing on the one presenting problem. No team approach. Once they (the heart docs) had eliminated heart problems, they released me with no follow up to explain what the pain actually was caused by. But that was an earlier post. Be well Irene.