Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thyroid Uptake Scan

Yesterday I was running lively on adrenaline.  Today I've been dead duck.  It wasn't so hard to sit and wait all the time that was required today at Lakeview Imaging.  The doctor writing the report had me in his office a couple of times asking about thyroid blood tests I'd had.  What he wanted was eventually received via fax but not before getting last year's normal TSH from my local GP instead of getting this year's from the Noosaville GP.    Then X-ray and Imaging sent the adrenal ultrasound instead of the thyroid ultrasound but eventually they got it right but having 2 GP's and not wanting to offend any is a current worry I have as well as a complicating factor today.  Craig does not even know about a thyroid problem and Andrew should have been the one referring me for a thyroid scan not a rheumatologist who was reviewing another's test results.  I hope they are man enough to not get offended.  It is just the way it happened and I feel just as shoved around as anyone at the moment.  I wasn't planning on seeing Craig before seeing Andrew again on the 31st since the latter is really the only one who can give me any hope of being treated for ME/CFS since none of the others even believe in it.  It's all fibromyalgia from them and this thyroid stuff just happened to pop up as an added bonus.  Just like the gallstones and osteopenia have.  I meant to say yesterday that Peter Nash said my adrenals were functioning fine even though the cortisol was low.  That was the short synacthen test.  No explanation for it being low at times and alright at others.

Back to the doctor at Lakeview Imaging, he firstly mentioned a cold nodule and gravely reminded me that they cannot tell from these scans whether cold nodules we cancerous but also that it is not likely.  I got the impression I had a cold nodule.   But after receiving all the tests that were faxed the report he wrote says no such thing.  You can see for yourself below.

I left about an hour and a half later.  I was only in the scan room for about 20 minutes and I went in on time first to get the "stuff" injected into a vein like they would use for a blood test.  Painless.

The advantage about getting thyroid tests faxed was that I got to see one of the tests I was not expecting to find out about until going to Noosaville on the 31st.  TSH antibodies. The trouble is that he saw no hot nodules so in the results below that mentions an autonomous acting nodule you would think that it would show "hot".  In the results below it cannot be the other option re medication because I am not on any.  It seems I don't really know why I am hyperthyroid.  I still have to wait till 31st.  I am not sure what a toxic goitre is in the absence of any disease like Grave's or Hashimoto's.  Isn't this an endocrinologist's domain?

I got another surprise when I stopped at the pharmacy on my way home to get yesterday's prescriptions filled.  The neurontin even in generic form at this the lowest dose is $17.85 which is not the concession rate.  Let's hope it doesn't work????  Strange thing to say but if it is going to give me side effects like its cousin Lyrica then I won't be taking it long.  

I have taken half an Endep tonight or less since I could not split the pill evenly.  If it is like any other tri-cyclic I have tried I could be dopey all day tomorrow so if I am not around you'll know why.  He told me to take it at 6pm but I forgot until 6.30 and now I am drowsy enough to go to bed.  It is used for pain but being drowsy has not eased up my aching legs.  It is probably used for quality of sleep too.  For some reason I can't remember.  Goodnight.

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