Thursday, March 08, 2012

Video Convo with Condog

Teaching Connor about Video Conferencing

Using a little program called imessage which is a built-in app on Apple devices.  Connor had his ipod touch and I had my ipad 2 and the funny part is that it was done in the same house because we had to share the wireless Internet connection.  If he was allowed Internet access from home we could do it nightly...but I guess that won't happen or they do not even know how they could make it happen.  I could do that still but I am getting a bit slow.  

And it proves he has a good memory for conversation and is quite opinionated

Here is the picture he said was "quite dumb"  or maybe he meant dumb of me to send it via this messaging program.  My next reply was to point out this dumb picture was one he made.  But I thought the video was long enough already.  It took a lot of effort to get them off the ipad after stitching them together and upload it via youtube because it was not accepted directly by blogger.  Here's Connor's collage picture anyway - also done on the ipad but last time he was here.  Maybe he forgot.

It seems he did not think it was nice that I read "your" book but I have been going to send it to you for over a year now but haven't and I am not sure if you want the other gardening mag renewed for your birthday Mum.  You had better let me know. They are asking already.  I'll keep the book for you regardless :)  Probably see you some time this year?

I can't imagine what we are going to do when Zena turns into a gay retiree and we haven't got access to this "getting updates from Queensland to Victoria" messenger service.  It is easier for me than speaking on the phone but I've been pushing it tonight.  

I am taking Movicol again tonight trying to shift this pain.  I really think something gets stuck there.  I also thought it must have been my gall bladder a while back so all I can do is keep guessing until someone can actually do something that helps.  So frustrating, everything is.

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