Monday, March 19, 2012

Nice Girls and an attack

S moved his gear out on Saturday - St. Patrick's Day aka Jan's birthday. He used my car so I did not have to be involved. I was not well enough to risk going out with Jan to the RSL for her birthday lunch and it was pouring with rain that day. Yesterday he came back for another load and reported that things were going well there so far. They seem to be very nice girls. Girls who go to church. The older one is the owner of the house which is reportedly very nice and new. It is in Brightwater but this time I have not asked for the address and I have not looked it up on Google Maps street view. Let's see if it is going to last.

I am expecting everything to start going back to normal today when I get the car returned. I've been looking forward to trying to get out of the house again but I feel pretty gross this morning because during the night/early morning I had a bowel attack. The kind of pain and near fainting that I associate with a partial bowel obstruction. I haven't had one of those since last year and maybe then only twice a year so it was getting to be a rare occurrence to have this happen. I do not know why it happened but the low gut pain and cramps was nothing like the upper right pain and hardness I have been having of late. Luckily there was not much delay before a bm so the pain did not escalate for long. It still reminds me of labour pains. But the tendancy to feel faint with it is more pronounced than in the past. I am having a set of cramps right now actually. I get very warm and feel faint with it and a ringing in the ears. I am not having heart palpitations with it. It seems this is going to continue until I am empty and energy depleted or until I lie down and keep very still.

The only thing I have done differently that I can link to this attack is taking a teaspoon of psyllium husks in yoghurt twice in the last three days and a similar amount of raw oat flour. I have been looking for alternatives to Movicol. Maybe it is the gluten in the oats? I have been eating 1 slice of spelt bread every couple of days but it did not seem to be causing problems. I don't really know what it could be but I could do with body messages that let me know whether I am constipated or not because the messages I am getting are not clear to me at all. I am very bloated now which is not unusual whether I am having loose motions or none. Once upon a time when I had active Crohn's disease, these episodes would be blamed on the contractions of the muscular wall of the intestine being so strong that it almost closes over. Others say that the faecal matter is blocking the way. It is not hard and dry but I still seem to get pain when contents move past my newer upper quadrant sore spots. Just for the record.

I've been scanning a few photos with the view to tossing out a few photo albums.  Most of the photos have been pretty faded but some software restoration has helped.

Leaky pipe fixed under square of new concrete

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