Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rescue by RACQ

It is pouring with rain right now.  He phoned just before it started.  He was at Warana on the side of the road in my car because he does not "live" here any more (except during the day time).  He seemed to want to do this stunt every night.  I'm too shell-shocked to care.  I am still sick you see.

As the story goes my car has a flat battery because he left the lights on so I got the phonecall via his near-flat mobile phone to rescue him via RACQ.  I have phoned them and they will get there sometime over the next hour.  I just got my RACQ bill for the year and was lamenting that yesterday.  I was also thinking that I had not even used the roadside service for many years.  Can't say that now can I?

I wonder how much rain we will get today because the plumbers are supposed to come and dig up a slab of the driveway and repair the water-pipe that is running.  Yesterday someone came to locate the leak.  It is not just a little leak either.  I was surprised how tired I got from just going outside to watch the gadget he was using and then back inside again.  I should have known I still needed to sit on a chair instead of stand but with Flora and all the conversation going on out there I let it slide.  Consequently I crashed in bed without eating tea which I had spent the last of my energy on making - a mini casserole.
x marks the spot

Here he comes - just got back here he did.

How I Help CFS/ME Patients in Canada - Byron Hyde, MD from ME/FM Action Network on Vimeo.

New Developments in Possible Causes of ME/CFS - Anthony L. Komaroff, MD from ME/FM Action Network on Vimeo.

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