Saturday, March 03, 2012

Hijacked email

I have to set the record straight about not being able to make contact with my second son.  I have seen him in both away mode and online at his email address so I assumed he was ignoring me but I only guessed that if he was accessing it through his mobile then there may be an explanation.

The explanation was that it was not even him.  I was on the phone to him and he was not online in Hervey Bay (which was where he was last night) but he was showing up as online and when B told me that he gave out his email and passwords to friends so that they could access accounts he had paid good money for as a favour to them, it all clicked into place.  In fact it was probably Anthony I have been sending family information to.  He was living with B remember?  After St left?  And he moved to Roger's with him too for a week.  But only a week because that is all B would give him after he had let him down in paying his share of the rent.

Will have to finish this later, Rob is walking from Greg's place to here even though I said I was not well enough to see him.  He wants a cup of coffee so he is going make damn sure he gets it whether I say so or not.  S has taken my car so I cannot make a fast exit not that I really need to.  But I am not even going to brush my hair and its times like this I wish I could take out my dentures and flash him a sea of gaping holes.  I think I must be in a bad mood.  I did not know Rob was in Caloundra, but I never do.  I was planning on going back to bed because S is picking up Connor for a basketball game together.  I had to do a lot of talking to convince S that I did not need Connor here because I would overdo and jeaopodise my chances for Nambour on Monday.

Rob got his coffee and went again.  He does not look well but won't stop pushing himself until he crashes which I suppose is what I used to do but unlike him I would not like to do that willingly now.  Anyway I took a pain pill and will go to bed now and S is probably likely to return.  I guess every time I take a pain pill I will have to have a Movicol sachet that day until I figure out what is going on inside...that is an expensive osmotic laxative at $2.50 a pouch if you buy them singly.  Having to drink more water means not getting very long naps either thanks to bladder.
Does this look like me on a bad day?  Was going to send it off for a 'good day, bad day' promotion for ME awareness.

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