Saturday, March 10, 2012

That did not last long

I no sooner finished that post yesterday when he pulled back in the driveway.  I was just starting to relax but not any more.  I don't know what to do.  Even the caravan parks are $210-270 a week for a site.  It's 300 for a cabin a week just down the road and it is shoulder season and none are available.  I've been phoning.  I can't pay him to leave because I have not got it and he would prefer a backpackers but at the same time he is worried it will lead to his undoing.  They are around $27 a night in a dorm setup.

I really wanted him gone last night so I had no conscience about saying that he left Friday.  The car was packed with his gear and indeed he slept in it until after midnight but I woke up to find him here at 12:15am and it turned out he only slept in the car in my driveway so does that count?  He is still here.  He does not get another pay for a fortnight but still has money - enough to last out in a back packers for a few days but he is so uncomfortable about it and I am an anxious, cranky mess about it.  Maybe he could pitch a tent at Coochin creek state forest camping ground and take my car nightly to get there but that is petrol on top.  He won't though.  He won't go to his father's place either.  Am I supposed to call the police to get him out of here?

He interferes with my life so much - today he has already been to Brian's place next door to discuss the fence because S decided he wants the asbestos one gone.  I was still in bed and I hate it when he does things behind my back and interferes with what should be my decision.  He even started a letter he was going to write to the local council about it and I had to scream at him to get it through that I did not allow him to send it.

I don't know what to do and I am too spent to talk about it any more.

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