Thursday, March 08, 2012

Talking is Exhausting

Talking is exhausting when I am already in a crash and today there was lots of it.  I find myself exhausted sometimes just talking to the son but there is a large emotional component of that exhaustion but when it is just plain business - in this case with a Telco - then it is not so impactful on the psyche so the exhaustion is more likely to be explained by depleting energy stores.  That's what it feels like and there is plenty of recognition of it in the M.E. Community.  The friend who is in hospital and being exhausted by having to answer so many questions so many times a day when he would barely speak to anyone 5 minutes a day if he were at home.  I'm like that when my son is not around and when someone steps into your life it is a bit of a shock to the system.  Today there was a long chat with Jan on the phone and the dealings with S as well as having to deal with the Telco twice via the queues on the telephone.  It all seemed too much today.  I've been in a lot of body pain with the low pressure system and I still have not recovered from the Short Synacthen test and the visit from Connor on the weekend.

Anyway, the Internet went off around 9am.  Yesterday a free new modem arrived because I signed up with my voip company for ADSL2+ during the promotion period.  They use the Telstra lines but for some reason are cheaper and I was annoyed with Bigpond for forcing shaping on everyone at the exchange because they allowed it to become so over-congested.  I guess I am going through the same congested lines but so far I see an improvement on Facebook.  Have not had a chance to really try it.  Even if the speed is just as bad, I am still better off because I will get more quota for the same price.  I don't understand how they can undercut them and I did not know Telstra had leased out lines to anyone who was not going to charge double what Telstra charged.  It seems like something happened in November and they let them in, hopefully leasing out the least congested lines.  I can only hope.
Flora my duplex Neighbour pointing at our underground spring

This business with the Department of Housing and S being here came to a head yesterday. "You know who" caused the problem.  He told Centrelink that he paid me $100 rent so that he could get some rent assistance and then to cover his tracks he wanted me to ring Housing and tell them he was here which I had no choice about then.  He said he was going to leave on Friday so I told them that too.  The big hiccup came when I assumed that from Feb 10th he would be allowed to stay here rent-free.  You know the 3 week rule.  If they are here longer than 3 weeks they must be declared.  Some say it is 4 weeks.  It seems that is not the case for people who have lived here on the tenancy agreement.  They get no grace period if they return after leaving.  All this meant that I, me and myself (since I am the primary tenant) was responsible for the back pay.  The woman I was speaking to did suggest that if he was leaving on Friday then they would let it slide.  That is tomorrow.  I think I was so cranky that S got the message that he had dobbed himself in but I doubt if he can leave by tomorrow.  He does have a couple of places to check out tomorrow.  Maybe I will have to let him sleep in the car till he finds a place???  There is just not enough money around to fix this with the double electricity bill and B not paying me so that is all I can think of.
You can see our underground spring on this one too

I did not get around to telling you that the outside of the house got painted sometime recently.  Don't ask me to tell you when exactly.  It was a busy time I remember.  I just wanted to show you a photo of the place now.  I am glad the lime green is gone but they forgot to paint the door so it is still lime.  It will probably get done when they do the inside which I am dreading.

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