Friday, April 27, 2012

Birthday Blues

I felt so awful that I wanted to cancel but I didn't want to let anyone down so I persisted, resting between each step, and taking plenty of pills.  I was not in the mood for pleasantries and I had forgotten how much Karla's voice hurt my ears especially in a confined space like the car.  I picked her up you see.  The RSL was too packed with people and noisy for me and the speakers were too close to where we were sitting.  The music did nothing for me and the food was barely alright.  Jan, Sharon and Brandon came but Louise from school had a tour of Fraser Island to do,  Rob did not show and Marina was too busy with her move despite the fact that she is moving into the seniors units directly over the road from the RSL.  It has become such a rare occurrence for me to go out so it is not like I can catch up with them any old time. 

I was feeling better yesterday and perhaps two loads of washing as my only accomplishment for the day was too much for me.  I am bumping into things today.   But yesterday I tried to plan my wardrobe for today.  It was a warm day after a cold morning and today it was cool all day.  Choosing clothes is now very much of a chore.  I had to wear something loose so I would not get stomach cramps and that meant none of the pants I would have preferred to wear.  I had to keep my feet warm but I have no boots that are easy for me to put on.  I had to leave that to deal with today but yesterday I planned to wear one thing but today with some distress I left the house looking pretty bad.  See for yourself.

This is what I planned to wear yesterday

This is what I actually wore today

I lost a fair bit of energy washing my hair but maybe because of the rain, it ended up even fatter than yesterday.  I still have not found a day I could tolerate going to the hair-dresser.  It will come.  One good thing happened at the RSL with my free birthday KENO ticket.  Jan suggested I pick one number because the payout was better but the odds of just one number were slim.  I picked 27 for my birthdate naturally and the number came up.  I won $15 and gave Jan $5 because she was heading for the pokies.  Karla and I went for coffee at the cafe bar.

The best part of the day was riding my new scooter up the street and back again.  It was delivered around 4:30 along with a block of "White Bubbly" chocolate from the seller - Petra.  She knew I was hoping to get it before my birthday.  I enjoyed a little wind in my face riding along and for once I could talk to Flora out the front and not be thinking "I've got to sit down, I've got to sit down".

The nicest surprise of the day was a present from S which he hid before he moved out on Monday to go to Roger's after the hearing. It was nice because he thought of me in advance which is pretty rare.  B phoned.  He has fallen for HB and has no intention of moving back here.  He still does not have a job but he is enjoying his break too.  Not that he has ever really had to go too long without a break because of the bad seasons at work when they were told to take leave without pay.  Apparently that is why he left when he did.  His Widgee workplace lost a contract they were expecting and they were going to ask them all to take leave, which they did.

I can barely keep my eyes open so goodnight from the birthday girl.

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