Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

I've been up and down healthwise and I've got a lot done (for me) after a couple of down days.  It is a bit of a boom or bust cycle but it's nice to see things getting done.  I'm not so good today which is payback for 2 days ago when I know I did too much.

I'm getting rid of stuff and cleaning stuff and he has been helping with the things that he has a bee in his bonnet about....the garden shed, the BBQ.  I have gotten rid of most of the toys to a local Helping Families Facebook page and there are a couple of the toys in the photo they advertised on their group (it is a closed group that you have to ask to join).  The older style playboard for the cot or playpen was from Grandad to Scott and the stacking ring toy was from me to Scott if I remember correctly.  Hungry Hippos is getting a new home online too.  They are going to be taking the double bed mattress on Thursday but Darren arrived today unannounced to pick up the spare entertainment unit.

Balsa Wood Dinosaurs that I gave Connor that we all made also being claimed (for free)  online today
I wasn't happy about the timing at all because I had Connor here and was trying to get ready for an Easter BBQ I had invited Jan to that S was going to cook.  When I woke up this morning it was the last thing I wanted to do today but it turned out quite nicely.  Connor only ate the marinated chicken wings and no salad or chicken rissotto.  Jan thought it was all lovely especially the marshmallow eggs which were cadburys and I loved them too.  Connor already had been given his Easter presents from us because I had no idea I would be seeing him three times over the Easter holidays but I think his Mum is glad to get rid of him.  When he suddenly flipped out walking spazzo talking about how the wind  had changed and looking troubled after we had a little disagreement I thought...oh no, here we go again.....another one who transfers his emotional stuff into something outside of himself.  If anything it was a mood change in me.  I lost my patience with him because I was trying to get ready and I got so sick of hearing about Dragonvale then.  I was not feeling very well either.  He is very sensitive - even his duck tail annoys his neck. 

He does not like so many foods so he gets "Easy Mac" microwaveable macaroni cheese here quite often

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