Saturday, April 14, 2012

He's Back

No wonder I am nearly insane when it comes to dealing with S.  I cannot count on anything happening for real.  I got no phone call to inform me but here he is, back again with his gear bar what he forgot.  He always forgets something.  Roger dropped him off mumbling that "he wanted to come back because he has to go to the dentist on Monday and now was the only time that worked for me".  S's teeth are shifting in his head again.  Why can't he see it is a psychological problem not a dental problem?  At least there were no flesh-eating bacteria this time.

A most abusive (that's how I feel) end to a not very happy day.  I have also come to the conclusion that I cannot afford to have a week at Lisianna Apartments in HB to see B and Cohen for my birthday even with sharing the costs with Jan.   It is now $122 a night for the 2 bedroom.  And here is me thinking of a week away.  For some reason it is booked out over the weekend of my birthday anyway.  Anzac Day I suppose.  It was just another empty dream and I have to beware because despair is trying to settle in.

Here's something to read in case I forget to tell you about my forgetfulness and fibro fog.  One phrase hit me as true for me ...."difficulty fine-tuning its response to specific stimuli".  The article can be found here.

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