Thursday, April 12, 2012

Killing Time in Kin Kin

He got picked up by Bev this afternoon with a lot but not all of his gear.  I hope he lasts out there until 23rd because he does not really want to go.  However the car is up there and he sold it today on Ebay for $250 less fees.  The pickup will have to be arranged.  It looks like a hot rod racing kinda looking person bought it.

I'm in a lot of pain today (it's going to rain tomorrow) but I am relieved I will get a break from S.  He was helpful in his own way and when he is thinking beyond his own business, his intentions can be good but we were really starting to clash every time he would get ill because that is when he is even more positive his way is the only way and that I should do as he says.  In fact if I had done what the man or Roger said, I would be able to keep a man he tried to tell me.  Who needs them?  Men I mean - that type anyway.

The biopsy

Have to drive on the nature strip to get out or park down the street

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