Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'll tell you when it happens

UPDATE:  Now his Dad is picking him up from here to take him to Brisbane and his new company icontract handles all the sending what money needs to be sent out of their pay.  It seems since he has been earning a little, he now owes Ange for child support so she says.
TV room for two - be better with 2 matching recliners

Still driving up the lawn till Flora cut the tape - Council did not come back to do it - should see their smoko rubbish in the holes left to still fill in - tow bar still hits bottom -

He was so determined to go......but he didn't.  I've got someone to pick up the scooter next week for $50 which is how much it would have cost plus petrol to hire a trailer and go ourselves.  For a moment there I thought I had a reason to use the tow bar and ball on my car.  I have not used it and it always hits bottom on the curb backing out unless you get it just right which took S three weeks to master.  Now that the roadwork has been taking place, and my driveway has but cut, drawn, quartered and replaced with currently wet concrete, I am not sure if it will be worse or better.  I asked the workmen if they could try and make it easier for me and my mobility scooter but it looks quite a bit steeper at the end.  I was told that we would be allowed driveway access later today but they were trying to opt for Monday.

I know S will be going to Brisbane on it will be probably by train instead of via Roger.  Beyond that I really can't be sure can I, his changes of plans are unpredictible.  He has so much to deal with and is always fixing up mistakes from the past while making new ones.  It must be a terrible life but I can no longer be very understanding because of my own problems.  He cannot get a consolidation loan or personal loan on Newstart and he is currently paying $100 on interest each month on a measly $5000 Go Go Mastercard debt.  He was warned years ago by me that it wasn't so measly and that interest-free period was only any good if you had the discipline to pay off the debt before interest-bearing commenced (or whatever the word is).  Anyway, he can get a better deal on a personal loan which he's been told he could get if he is back on Austudy so he will start studying again.  I didn't know he'd stopped.  I thought he was between semesters or something.  He has also taken a month off work but apparently is allowed to re-commence whenever he feels like it.  S is convinced his boss loves him despite the last conversation I reported.  Maybe this is the sort of job that will lead him into another quarterly BAS debt because he is probably self-contracting.  I know he is paying off a Centrelink advance like I am now with the scooter but I have a bit of Super which will cover mine easily if I wish to withdraw it.  He will have a SPER debt still for unpaid road fines I think.  I mean, how can anyone live like that?  I didn't teach him any of these habits.  It's another narcissistic trait I read, like his father.  I wish he would cave and seek help, even an occupational therapist.

I could keep unloading forever about S but you know B isn't such a responsible angel himself either but he has no excuse.  He is capable of logic except when he's been drinking.  How many times now is that he has lost his license or even a lowly learner's permit for drink driving.  That's disgusting.  How did I breed these kids?

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