Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Sudden Change

Suddenly S wants to go out to his father's place.  "It is the right time" is about all the explanation I got.  All I know is that he had his first dental visit for a crown on the tooth that was worrying him and I was shocked to find a temporary that isn't even the twisted looking eye tooth I thought he had been talking about.  It was a smaller one that he said was being pushed back.  The bill is $1700 plus.  But now that it is sorted he wants to move on????  Not sure about the real reason but he says he is busing it to Cooroy tomorrow.  His next appointment in Buderim is 30th.

Yesterday, we went to Buderim together, he to the dentist and I to finally see the scooter.  I was not feeling well but I can usually compensate for that when dealing face-to-face with people.  I took it for a spin but they lived in such a hilly part of Buderim that the incline was probably too much for the scooter.  It was fine going around in circles in their garage and I did not feel my spine was jolted too much going down the curb so it was much better than a portable without suspension.  Nevertheless I needed answers to a few questions which they were going to follow up.  The owner apparently had it speed limited and I wanted to know if that could be undone.  To cut a long story short, they decided to put it in for a service for my peace of mind and that will be tomorrow.  Actually I was thinking about paying a shop to go out and check it on my behalf which amounts to the same thing and the same cost.
the new curb in the wrong place, already with a patch-up job

I have not even been interested in dealing with scooters or anything today because I have crashed badly and the pain and illness has been too much.  I've been in bed most of the day so now I am up late.  Not far off going horizontal again though.  I've had to avoid a lot of computing because of my eyes anyway.  Maybe they are a little better after taking cod liver oil with its vitamin A for two days.  Or it could be that they were shut a lot.

S told you his plans to move to Brisbane so you probably know more than I do as to why Brisbane is chosen all of a sudden.  What I think is happening is that Roger will take him to Brisbane on Monday for the hearing or conference or whatever it is called and then he will go back to Roger's until around the 3Oth.  I have no idea what he has planned for that date, after his next dental appointment - a rental property available then I guess.  He is not being very forthcoming.  I told him that if I wanted to buy this scooter I needed him to hire a trailer and pick it up for me but he says he's going regardless even though he could easily stay the weekend and still go down with Roger on Monday.  So it seems that if I need him, he decides to go.
The ultimate ipad toilet rest

After being called Jabba tonight because I asked him to bring me my tea on a plate to my chair instead of getting it from the kitchen myself as per usual procedure, maybe it is just as well he is leaving.  I am in so much pain that I cannot sit here any longer and will finish up now but why can't he be a little caring when I need it?  Jabba after Jabba the hut, the big, fat creature in Star Wars is it?

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