Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ambulance Ride and More Slides

Am not enjoying sitting upright at the computer for long so instead of filling you in about what has been happening I am just going to copy and paste.  I have heard from S via email who says he is living with Asians in Noosa but will be moving again soon.  Also a one-liner about his job being "fine".

I wrote this on Monday:

I have just got back from Emergency at the local hospital. Pains in chest, shoulder, arm, boob up to neck started last night. It feels like a stitch, pain moves when I change position but still won't go away. I phoned the doctors after hours number today and because there was going to be a five hour wait, the doctor ordered an ambulance. I really did not suspect my heart but with all the anxiety my HR was so high the ambos took me up there to the hospital. I got the all clear from the heart attack type tests and here I am sitting here with the same pain back at home and pretty darn exhausted. He wondered if it could be muscular when he pressed under my arm and asked if it hurt which I said yes to but anyone with fibro has sore nodules every darn where. Happy Queen's Jubilee Birthday everyone - last place I expected to be celebrating it.

it still hurts more when I breathe - but I guess the chest x-ray being all clear rules out lung problems. It feels a bit like when you get trapped wind (say after a laparascope when they fill you up with C02) pushing on diaphragm and referring pain everywhere but it is on the left side, still up to my shoulders, neck and it has made for a restless night sleep last night. I wonder what it is - aspro clear seemed to help yesterday - gut does not usually like that sort of anti-inflammatory though.

I wrote this on Tuesday:

 Today saw GP as ordered by hospital with discharge letter and he says its inflammed ribcage - anti-inflammatories, will take a few weeks and is just "one of those things".

I wrote this today after someone suggested Chostochondritis:

GP didn't really call it anything except inflammation, did not check for infection except to ask if I had a recent cold (pleurisy) and he listened to my lungs and only felt the under arm side of ribs. But it is sore in many places to touch including the breastbone but I have fibro nodules everywhere even on the non-affected ribs. He also did not say whether it was muscle or cartilage but it seems it just goes away in most cases. It is still very annoying and combined with the gut problems I am having really badly - (cannot wear anything without causing spasms, diarrhea, or eat more than a few of mouthfuls) - I am feeling very miserable. Chest has improved some though but the post-hospital malaise and post-adrenaline crash kicked in yesterday. I am feeling depressed now. I hate having a body that is so sensitive to everything. It really is hard not to believe I am dying sometimes - sorry I am sounding dramatic but like I said negativity has hit hard today....and what I usually keep to myself is spilling out with tears.

I thought to myself, at least I obtained some scripts and a doctors letter so I can register my mobility scooter. But his letter says I am fit enough to operate a mobility scooter and the Main Roads site says it is supposed to say that I am NOT fit - supposed to say that due to a physical or medical condition the person’s mobility is severely impaired and they require the use of it. So his letter is going to be useless and with my fear of doctors and what they really think of me, it will probably be a quite a while before I go back. Perhaps I will get it done before Christmas.

 All Slides processed 1964 -back to front?
Who's that?  Cobram? You can edit this Zena if Mum tells you.
I suppose that is Great Grandad Quick's birthday - Is it Frank and Cinderella?  And Nana of course.

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